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Brian E. Crowley
Elections may come and go but politics never stops.
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LK...I am not questioning his record as a doctor or his kindness to patients. I do question someone who says they hate Washington and spends most of their adult life trying to be part of it.
Ivan, Paul first ran for Congress in 1974 and lost. He won a special Congressional election in April 1976, loses in November. In 1978, Paul won again. In 1984, Paul ran for the U.S. Senate and lost. In 1988, Paul ran for president. In 1992, he considered running for president again but decided against it. In 1996, Paul runs for Congress. 2010 marks his 12th term. And of course we know what his plans are for 2012 - which suggests he would like to spend another 4 to 8 years in D.C. Using 21 as the age of an adult, Paul has had 55 adult years. 23 of those years have been in Congress, much of the rest of his adult years have been spent running unsuccessfully for the House, Senate or President. He may not have spent more than half his adult life living in Washington but he spent nearly all of his adult life either there or trying to get there.
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Nov 23, 2011
Help me here Jim...stupid post? stupid me? stupid video? or all of the above?
John...thank you. Usually the comments only come when I write something critical of West...Brian
Luv....thank you for your comment about the artwork...I will pass it on to the artist....Brian
Dave and Brett...thank you for your comments. While you may disagree with each other both of your points of view are important....Brian
Thank you Virgina for your kind words. Brian
Mike, I might agree that Huckabee was seriously thinking about running last year but since January he has done nothing. Ultimately I think he knew he couldn't win the nomination. So he spent most of this year building his brand and misleading people. Trump proved his is a moron.
Oh gosh Sunshine you caught me....Hasner's team writes everything for me. I will simply note that Mike's "conservative agenda" doesn't seem to include book prices.
Thank you SSgt Dart. I should note that my brother - Patrick Crowley - also does much of the artwork for Crowley Political Report. Semper Fi
Toggle Commented Mar 20, 2011 on Allen West calming down? at Crowley Political Report
Major Stolz - Maybe I'm an idealist but I think there are many folks on boths sides of the political spectrum who are willing to confront major issues and follow the ideals they believe in. Thank you for reading Crowley Political Report and Semper Fi.
Toggle Commented Mar 19, 2011 on Allen West calming down? at Crowley Political Report
Blooker68...thank you for your kind remark about the artwork. The artist is my son who works in Chicago as an artist and graphic designer. He also has his own web comic
Toggle Commented Mar 19, 2011 on Allen West calming down? at Crowley Political Report
Rocky if you learn more about Palin's visit to Naples please share it with our readers....thank you.
Gipper...sometimes she takes questions from the media outside of an event but it would be unusual for anyone to take questions from the media during an event.
Right you are Sam. I should refrain from writing in the wee hours of the morning. Thanks for the catch.
MKL - the asterisk is because the numbers do not include El Herald. Amazing how much The Post dropped. Guess it is because of the great work of The Coastal Star....Brian
Thanks Mike. The artist is my son. He is an artist and graphic designer based in Chicago. Other art work on Crowley Political Report is from my brother Patrick Crowley.
Toggle Commented Oct 20, 2010 on Is Rick Scott stupid? at Crowley Political Report
Jeb, The artist for the website is my brother Pat Crowley. Sometimes my son, Brian J. Crowley does the artwork. Stephen Crowley is my brother - twin of Pat - and he is a Washington-based photographer for the NYTimes. I try to keep the comments on this website civil. If anyone goes too far I delete the comment. Brian
Thank you for your kind thoughts Bob. When I watch what goes on in Tallahassee I miss the kind of integrity that you represented during your years in the Legislature. are eyes wandered too far down the polling data. I have corrected the post. Thank you for pointing out the error....Brian