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Hi Jeff, thanks for the link-love. Appreciated. My current insight (helped in part by 'Mud Rooms, Red Letters, and Real Priorities' ) is that the list of tasks you make is not really a TODO list at all. The list you make are the list of things that are so unimportant that you don't need to do them immediately. By putting them on a list you should relieve yourself of all guilt in relation to them. You are saying "These things are low enough priority that they can sit here undone for at least one more day." So I'm pouring all my not-to-do items into Trello. And working on just one item at a time, taken from that list. And even that one item is not a real priority. Real priority is saved for real things -- like two weeks ago when my daughter broke her arm, badly. That was a priority. I rushed to be with her and didn't even need to consult my todo list for a moment. cheers lb
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If you want to be 'hacker-proof' you've left out a vital step. Disable imap and pop as Google have not stopped these from acting as a gateway for brute force attacks. (They are 'rate-limited' but given enough gmail accounts and enough IP addresses, this is not a deterrent) I don't know if two factor auth closes that gap. Better to be safe. Background reading:
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