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Cathy Miller
Business Writer with 30+ years of professional writing
Interests: 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk, Reading, Travel
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P.S. I am struggling with the notion of Al Gore and Daryl Hannah as parents of the author. ☺ See how vital the serial comma is?
I agree with you, Lynn. Isn't it interesting how passionate people get over the topic? ☺ I figure the lawsuit is an extremely effective way for the serial comma to make its point. ☺
Lynn, very nice, thorough review. :-) I added Grammarly's free version as a Firefox add-on. I always go with the free version to test it out. For me, it gets very annoying online as I try to write and it keeps highlighting "errors." Yes, I do turn it off but it seems to turn back on every time I go back to Firefox. However, that could be me. ;-) Like you, I use both Microsoft's grammar and spelling check and Grammarly. I agree, between the two, I think you get a nice result. There is one odd thing I noticed online. I'm not sure if it's Wordpress or Grammarly. However, I did notice right after adding Grammarly, my posts did some wonky things (highly technical term) ;-) For example, if I created a new paragraph in the middle of some content, it would repeat the same sentence in the original copy and in the new paragraph. I do think Grammarly is worth a try. I'm not convinced enough to try the premium version. But, again, that's just me.
Irregardless is a classic, Lynn. I wonder if it will ever die. ;-)
Wow, I am having awful flashbacks to my corporate days of writing audit reports for a consulting firm. My boss was one who agonized over every word and phrase. On many occasions, we would be in the office until 10:00 or 10:30 p.m., the evening before we delivered the report to the client. On one of those occasions, my boss came into my office around 10:15 p.m. and said, "You know I was thinking." I raised my hand, palm up, and replied, "And you need to stop that. If we cannot deliver this report in its current state, we need to find another job." Hmm, perhaps that's why my branding for my freelance business centers around, "Keep it simple." ;-) I love how many of your examples include the suggestion of speaking to the appropriate person(s). For all our technology, I often find using our voice instead of our fingers is the better form of communication. :-) So, ask yourself, does it need to be sent in writing? Or would a conversation be a better alternative?
Very helpful, Lynn. Words that end in s can be tricky. I have read a difference of opinion when it come to adding apostrophe s. Example: Arkansas' versus Arkansas's. If we're sharing pet peeves, mine is a bit off topic (typical):-) Example: it's versus its.
Thank you for the request for the link. I appreciate the link love. :-)
Love it! I just did a post on persuasive language techniques and they aced many of them (in my humble opinion) - especially the alliteration one in their name - Crocodile Cafe & Catering. ☺
Lynn, and I know you're a Notre Dame graduate. ;-) Thank you for the opportunity for sharing ideas.
Toggle Commented Jul 27, 2015 on Avoid Fake Intimacy at Business Writing
Marcia, I would agree for the most part. Few subscriptions to an ezine result in the feeling of being part of a community. However, as a professional writer who began freelancing seven years ago, my subscriptions to a select number of blogs have definitely resulted in me feeling like I'm part of a community. I have developed a small circle of freelancing friends from that experience - some I've met in person - others I've never met. That doesn't make the relationship any less of a community (in my humble opinion). I agree that there is the danger in believing your own press and an intimacy that does not exist. However, like most things in life, never say never. :-) Thanks for allowing me to share my point of view. ;-)
Toggle Commented Jul 27, 2015 on Avoid Fake Intimacy at Business Writing
I admit at first I resisted the advice until I read the entire post. I think what I was resisting was the labeling of it as "fake intimacy". When you build a community of followers, that "intimacy" is not fake. However, I agree that feeling of community without the face-to-face meetings can have us forgetting there are new individuals to our group. Forgetting we have someone new in the community can result in an almost cliquish environment. It reminds me (on a smaller scale) of using acronyms and assuming everyone knows what they mean. Frustrating for those who don't. So, point taken and appreciated. :-)
Toggle Commented Jul 24, 2015 on Avoid Fake Intimacy at Business Writing
Thanks for the review, Lynn. High praise coming from you. I will definitely check this out. :-)
The same mindless messaging is used in customer service calls. Depending on my mood, I dismiss it as rhetoric - not the "effective" kind ;-) - or I get annoyed at the response-by-rote nature of the words. I like the idea of sharing examples of a professional response; however, even the sincere becomes mindless. I'm fine, how are you? ;-)
Toggle Commented Oct 3, 2014 on When Messaging Is Mindless at Business Writing
I'm not sure, Lynn. Maybe you fall off and start over again. And don't expect to be recognized for it. :-)
One person's cliche is a writer's copy. :-) Not surprisingly, many that I hate are business-related. Think outside the box Win-win situation Moving up the value chain Low-hanging fruit Paradigm shift Thought leadership Stop me. Please. :-)
Thank you, Lynn! :-)
When the day follows the month, it's written with the number (1, 2, 3, 4...). When the day comes before, it is written as 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th (or spelled out).
I'm intrigued. :-)Thank you for the review, Lynn.
Maybe the person thought your fame precedes you, Lynn. ;-) I agree with you. The person should have included something more about you. A question I keep in mind when sending an email is from the perspective of the reader, "So what?" We should attempt to answer that question for the reader. Except for recipients who may know you, I would say the sender fell way short on answering that question. ;-)
I love that message, Lynn. I think for some people the anniversary of the passing of a loved one is significant. My 90-year-old mother is one of those people. I tend not to remember the date. For me, I prefer not to hold onto those dates like I would a birthday. However, knowing that the date carries significance for my mom, I make sure I break away from my freelance work to take her to my dad's grave on the anniversary of his death. As one friend put it, rituals are important for some. Wishing you many happy memory moments of your father, Lynn.
I love simple. ;-)
Toggle Commented Jan 20, 2014 on Give Your Readers What They Need at Business Writing
Makes one wonder if they really want us to attend. ;-) Equally frustrating is a wrong phone number or email address. The devil is in the details. I guess you could view this as job security, Lynn - or at least fodder for blog posts. :-) Wishing you a happy holiday season.
Ah, distractions. Let me count the ways. :-) I found a simple way to refrain from checking my email so much. I shut off my smartphone when writing. My cell phone is my work phone. Its incessant, blinking red light often distracted me from my writing. I finally had a head-slap moment. Turn it off! I did not have the email distraction problem when I was on my desktop computer. I keep my email program closed until I set aside time to check emails. It was that darn red light that bothered me. Now - problem solved. :-)
Initially, I probably would have replied to the man's question with a general location. Something along the lines of "it's near such-and-such" or if it's in a certain neighborhood, like Belltown, I'd share that. That at least gives him a confirmation when he looks up the location. However, after that point, I admit I would be frustrated with his lack of attention to detail. It definitely was not a good first impression.
Toggle Commented Aug 14, 2013 on Networkers, Take Initiative! at Business Writing
Personally, I do not like guessing at meaning. Being of a certain *ahem* age, I often find myself Googling text-speak to figure out what the heck it means - not exactly effective communication IMHO (In my humble opinion - see, you can teach an old dog new tricks). ;-)
Toggle Commented Jun 19, 2013 on Complimentary Closes That Aren't at Business Writing