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Sandy Richardson
Kitchener-Waterloo, ON, Canada
President, Collaborative Strategy. Author of Business Results Revolution for Healthcare Organizations.
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Every time I work with entrepreneurs I have the opportunity to see new and innovative business models. However, one that I see more frequently than ever is the two-sided model where there are: users who access basic technology/platform functionality for free/as a “freemium”, and other interested parties who pay a... Continue reading
As a strategy management consultant, I see different organizations having diverse and almost dysfunctional relationships with the concept of a (and their actual) strategic plan. Let me share what I’ve observed from the perspective of the two primary types of clients I work with. Medium-Sized+ Organizations Almost every organization of... Continue reading
Employee engagement and strategy execution failure – two stubborn challenges that countless organizations face but may not see as being connected. Big mistake. Here’s something I’ve learned - there IS a connection and employee engagement and commitment is the secret sauce behind successful strategy execution. Let’s review the evidence. I... Continue reading
When strategy execution just isn’t working in your public sector organization as well as you’d like, one of the first things you should do is take a look at your stakeholder value proposition (SVP). Issues here could be the root of the problem. In my experience, organizations with strategy execution... Continue reading
At some point in their strategy creation and execution/Balanced Scorecard journey, almost all organizations and business leaders come to the realization that, to experience the benefits of their investment in, and commitment to, strategy management they would be wise to leverage the power of technology. Let me be clear that... Continue reading
An important step in the strategy map creation process is the assignment of owners for strategic objectives. While everyone in your organization/business unit/team has shared accountability for the achievement of all of the strategic objectives on your strategy map, we all know that this can be a recipe for dropped... Continue reading
Many healthcare leaders will be familiar with the concept of the Triple Aim. To summarize, the Triple Aim is a framework developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement ( that outlines an approach to optimizing health system performance. The foundation of the Triple Aim is the belief (supported by evidence)... Continue reading
The primary premise of collaborative strategy is that giving everyone in your organization a seat at the strategy table delivers huge benefits – to senior leadership, the organization (in the form of better business performance), your customers and stakeholders, and your employees themselves. The outcome of a collaborative strategy approach... Continue reading
Adopting a collaborative approach to strategy means giving people at all levels of your organization a seat at the table through all phases of the strategy process – strategy creation, strategy implementation/execution, and strategy management. It’s a proven approach for achieving exceptional performance results and organizational outcomes in today’s new... Continue reading
Value for money (VfM) thinking is an important “new” imperative that healthcare organizations must build into their organizational skill set. However, before launching into this post, let’s be clear that I am not suggesting that, in response to this new requirement, you should create an exclusively VfM-oriented culture in your... Continue reading
Value for Money is an important concept that is receiving increased attention in the healthcare sector - the sense of urgency around demonstrating value for money continues to accelerate for Canadian healthcare organizations. This heightened focus has triggered a closer look at what we really mean when we talk about... Continue reading
If you’re a leader or executive in a Canadian healthcare organization, there’s little doubt that you’ve heard the term “value for money” with increasing frequency. And, actually, it goes beyond hearing about it, the pressure is on for your organization to build demonstrating value for money into your operations and... Continue reading
I have a problem – a problem with what looks like our apparent preoccupation with data as the answer to our business challenges and operational problems, as the key to FINALLY understanding what our stakeholders and customers want, and as the crystal ball that will help us successfully peer into... Continue reading
If you'd like to explore the collaborative strategy approach in more detail, go to and download my new ebook "Business Results Revolution for Healthcare Organizations" now. Continue reading
More often than not, when I ask the leaders of public sector healthcare and social service organizations this question, they can’t give me a straight answer. Sometimes, I get a blank stare or (frequently) they object to my question. What do I mean, what stakeholder outcomes are we accountable for... Continue reading
Having been a Balanced Scorecard practitioner, and as a Strategy Management consultant, one of the things I know for sure is that the EASIEST part of an organization’s Balanced Scorecard journey is deciding to adopt the Balanced Scorecard and its approach to strategy management. The first challenges arise when it... Continue reading
I’ll admit it. Back in 1997, when my employer decided to start using the Balanced Scorecard, we used it as a report card. What did that look like? Well, we rolled up indicator results to get a strategic objective performance score. And then strategic objective performance scores were rolled up... Continue reading
Many people see the strategy process as an analytical, data driven, and time limited event where an organization leverages data and its best assessment of future opportunities to plot its course and actions over a specified period of time. And, once this plan is in place, they believe that the... Continue reading
I get asked this question on a fairly regular basis. When business leaders pose this question, I know that what they are really asking me is – “How much of a bump in our business results will using the Balanced Scorecard give us?” When I get asked this question, I... Continue reading
In his November 18th article called “A New Center of Gravity For Management?”, Forbes Magazine contributor Steve Denning reported on the 2013 Global Peter Drucker Forum where experts explored the managerial implications of complexity. More specifically, this year’s discussions explored the level of dynamic complexity organizations and business leaders are... Continue reading
Organizations and business leaders adopt the Balanced Scorecard for lots of different reasons. Sometimes they want to bring a more rigorous business performance measurement approach to their organization. Other times, they are looking for a more concise set of outcome metrics to up-level external results reporting. Sometimes business leaders are... Continue reading
Shareholder value and maximizing shareholder value. Two terms that I really dislike. No – terms that I hate. Why do I feel this strongly about two concepts that have become so fundamental to private sector business? It’s because of the twisted way they are interpreted, the behavior they have come... Continue reading
While most of us strive to live our personal lives with passion, we tend to believe that emotion in general, and passion in particular, has little or no role to play when it comes to business. That is, we seem to assume that data, analytics, and reasoned thinking should rule... Continue reading
What comes first – your products or your strategy? And where do all your business activities, including processes and projects, fit into the picture? If you’re like many people I speak with, you probably feel strongly that products (and/or services) come first and that your business strategy should follow from... Continue reading
Selecting exceptional balanced scorecard indicators is part art and part science. The key to success in both is to start with a good definition of the strategic objective you are trying to measure. A good strategic objective definition describes what the strategic objective looks like in action including what is... Continue reading