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If I had started reading from bottom to top, I would have stopped at the first bit of your bizarre inexplicable catty snark on Stewart. Let me get this straight: thouands of people in attendance, many of them chanting Stewart's name, taking pics with her, smiling, laughing, etc. -- and you start it off with a quote from 'one guest,' out front in the sea of people, who 'notes she has no sense of humor at all.' I'm sorry, did she fail to tap dance on command? Was the ghost of George Carlin there and she failed to laugh at his jokes? Did anything remotely funny happen that rolled off her back and elicted a non-reaction. Because you've got about 4 pics of Stewart that show her having a great time, and smiling. Not that a pic can denote a sense of humor, but really, can ONE person who you run into who doesn't know her be that much different? Reminds me of what Ryan Seacrest said about Angelina Jolie on a Golden Globe red carpet once; he kept asking her what she fixed her children for breakfast, ignoring the then-Golden Globe nominated Brad Pitt and his nominated film 'Babel.' Pitt was standing right next to her, and because she most likely would have preferred something relevant, something not about her, and something NOT lame - she was calm, serene, and a bit on the quiet side. Maybe a very subtle cue to Seacrest to grow a brain, or ask Brad something about his nomination, not whether her kids were potty trained. Apparently, because Jolie failed to guffaw at Seacrest's sterling wit and inquiries about breakfast cerals, Angie was deemed to not have a sense of humor either according to Richard Pry- I mean, Ryan Seacrest. Look, how about doing a more accurate survey before you slam people in your little 'column' based on running into 'one person,' with a fcking personal beef. There were about 8000 more who could have given you a different assessment, including her fans, co-stars and (gasp) people that actually KNOW her. Novel concept (journalism), I know.
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Jun 25, 2010