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North Central Texas
Harmless (mostly) middle-aged secretary's skewed view of Life, the Universe and Everything.
Interests: Current events, cooking, reading, movies, spirituality, travel, life.
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Thanks, Javis. If you'll see my more recent post on The Special Ed Ball, you'll see I learned some lessons, too. ;-)
Thinking about (and praying for) you and Ken.
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This last quiet week before I get three weeks off (!) is spent clearing out files, cleaning up transcript errors and readying my office for a brand new school year. One of the back-up things I do is check in books that have been returned, late, to the school. They... Continue reading
The school in which I work has existed in one form or another for 113 years. The buildings currently being renovated were erected in the late 1960’s, when I was still a little girl frolicking on Southern California beaches, oblivious to the existence of a small town in North Central... Continue reading
Toggle Commented Jun 22, 2011 on New Experiences Friday Five at Terrapin Station
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I've been ruminating on a theory. It started as a what's-wrong-with-kids-today sort of theory, flirted with becoming a what's-wrong-with-schools theory, and lately it's feeling like it wants to mutate into a what's-wrong-with-society theory. Whatever it becomes, it's certain to have multiple moving parts, a head full of steam and a... Continue reading
Or rather, Graduation Evening. In my heavily-populated school district, the High schools use the local university's basketball stadium for Graduation. This year my school had 852 names on the graduate list, the ceremony set for 6:00 p.m. on a Saturday night. Graduates were asked to arrive by 4:45 p.m. in... Continue reading
Experiencing what one of the APs here refers to as "a personal summer?" ;-)
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"They're not all perfect..." is something we've heard from Mr. Principal many times over the school year, generally when he's recognizing students for achieving something wonderful and so we heard it again today, at the second-to-last Faculty Meeting of the 2011 school year. Three students were recognized as Rotary Club... Continue reading
Nearly three years ago, I worked as a substitute teacher and for two weeks, comically, I "taught" Chemistry. Three class periods with 20 - 25 students each. I had no idea what I was doing. I'd watch another Science teacher during my planning period and race back to my lab... Continue reading
A personal aside, again. I thought it was pure dumb luck, or happy coincidence how I got this job. I was chatting with one gentleman at a chili cook-off, who knew that another member of our parish had some influence within the District, and so I became a substitute teacher.... Continue reading
It goes with the territory, in public education where we have the care of people's children, that one will hear stories. Stories about their children, family dynamics, bad choices, divorces, deaths and all manner of assorted comedies and tragedies. Because I do not teach, and do not have my own... Continue reading
The transitional time, the end of one grading period and the beginning of another, is an utterly brutal time for me. This time particularly so, as my own life is in painful transition. I handle schedules, transcripts and report cards which all collide and feed off one another like zombies... Continue reading
Alone of all the High school campuses in our district, ours puts on quite an elaborate prom-type dinner-dance for our Special Ed students. It's funded entirely through donations - not a penny comes out of the school budget. It is a Big Deal. It is where School Board members and... Continue reading
As an early March Graduate, yesterday was Kate's last day. An early release day, she was only required to be there for the one period, 3rd period, during which she had been our aide for the last two grading cycles. The ladies in the Front and I had hatched our... Continue reading
Today ended on a sad note, when our gracious Steel Magnolia, Mrs. W, sent out a school-wide email extending sympathy to two of our students who were orphaned. Having lost their father two years ago to cancer, this morning their mother passed away unexpectedly. Alerted by her clerk as the... Continue reading
Same Kind of Different As Me, by Ron Hall & Denver Moore
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The caps & gowns were delivered yesterday, and Seniors starting picking them up today. The senioritis, which has been hovering around the corners of the school like a tickle in the back of the throat that signals an impending cold, is spreading through the 12th grade population. And, just as... Continue reading
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Mar 27, 2011
It is my belief that a high school would have a very hard time indeed if we didn't have the slave-labor of student aides, fueled entirely by baked goods, sodas, and praise. The worst consider the student aide period a "blow-off" class; the best are worth their weight in gold.... Continue reading
Nearly three years ago, I was among several subs called in to help during the TAKS test (Texas Assessment of Knowledge & Skills). Having been familiar with the test only through my daughter's education and what I read in the press, I was shocked at what is required in terms... Continue reading
I'm so glad Children's Chapel is back! Thank you for stepping up to this new (for you) ministry and for being there for the kids. I agree that children belong in church with their parents, but they are - right after the Peace. The best of both worlds: a lesson they can comprehend and dwell upon delivered by loving teachers, and back in for the Peace & Sacrament. Yay!
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Of all the things I've read on budget cuts, this angers me the most. Scorn? Those in education are thought of with scorn? People, puleeze. I am fortunate to work in a school, and a school filled with employees who take pride in their jobs, or rather, their calling... Continue reading
When I interviewed with Principal ADHD, he specifically asked me how my background as a corporate drone supporting sales organizations would translate to Education. I felt very smug and self-satisfied with the answer I gave him, it's not so different: we have a Product - the Education; we have Customers... Continue reading
It’s been in the news, the anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camp Aushwitz, and the passing of more of the survivors. Last year on campus we were fortunate to hear from two survivors, the Schiffs. The following is excerpted from an email I sent a friend at the... Continue reading