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Dear Scott Brown. Call Congressman Bob Turner (who just won Weiner's old seat) for advice. (Hint - make it referendum on Obama, the economy and Israel).
"And I find little evidence that terrorism is more prevalent among Muslim nations or nations with low GDP per capita and high infant mortality." Lets just say you're were "triangulating" with that comment. IOW, you should have written (but didn't have the brass) to write that "terrorism is more prevalent COMING FROM Muslim nations..." Regardless, it's now wonder Obama hired you. You, Obama, Holder and Janet Incompitanto (sic) are all more afraid of "bitter clingers" than jihadists who are killing hundreds of Jews, Christians, Hindus, and YES, other muslims around the world every month, (and have been doing so for over 1300 years). The only good news is that your job (to help Ø further wreck America) will end on 01/21/13.
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"For that much of a pay hike, I will gladly fly there and do whatever "work" is required!" So we are not debating your occupation, only your price.
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"P.S. Re: the Star K's grama controlled shabbos mode devices, how about a gramaq controlled rifle for use on Shabbos. Pull the trigger and it will fire eventually." Afaik it's practically a mitzvah to kill someone who is trying to kill you (and BEFORE they get a chance to kill you).
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"MOSCHIACH UBER ALLLES!" Ah, not content to be a simple apikoris we have scum here comparing yiddishkeit to NAZIS. ESAD.
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Israel's economy is out-performing AMERICA's. Haaretz should shut up or just go live in Cuba (where even THOSE dumb commies are moving to capitalism). Of course there should be less poor. MORE SOCIALISM won't fix it.
Toggle Commented Nov 12, 2010 on The Neglect Of Israel's Poor at
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Sep 2, 2010