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Federico Valenzuela
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As a Hispanic and CHOLO in the LOWRIDER culture, people I have met overseas always ask me how THEY could make their cars funky and jump up and down!!! I always tell them that their creativity is within themselves and styles are an individual identity! People overseas are intrigued by the LOWRIDER culture through YOU TUBE and social media like FACEBOOK but unfortunately Hollywood and the movie industry does not promote it and people like ME have the spread the WORD that it is an expanding culture!!!
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Last night I was watching SKY NEWS the British affiliate of the FOX NEWS NETWORK on the Royal Wedding and British news and I am going to say it is the most boring newscast I have ever seen! This is what Conservatives want in America to have boring and dull news so we the public can accept the corruption that is going on in America! When Keith Olbermann was on Countdown on MSNBC every network including the Conservative ones were on their toes because THEY were being called out! I wasn't surprised by Olbermann's ouster from MSNBC because COMCAST is another Conservative outfit that won't accept the TRUTH in America! As an Internet Blogger I hope to catch Olbermann's channel and hopefully the technology will catch up and the public in America can see it!!!
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As a Hispanic myself and speaker of both English and Spanish language I find many Spanish shows lacking in depth and content compared to English-speaking shows. As an educated CHOLO in the LOWRIDER culture I find these Spanish shows very demeaning by showing Hispanic people lack the self-confidance which in my GANGSTER culture I find insulting! One of the shows is DOCE CORAZONES a dating show on Telemundo where stereotypes of Hispanics in my opinion only reinforces the Anglo opinion that WE are a very unstable people in terms of choosing our dating partners. I hope other Hispanic people like ME start speaking out on this subject instead of keeping quiet because it doesn't PAY!!!
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Miami firing Randy Shannon was a mistake all along! The players coming out of Miami come out of the inner-city. No football coach in America understand this culture!! Whomever becomes the next Miami Hurricane need to control the psychology of these players and help them graduate!! or ELSE Miami will get in trouble with the NCAA!!! as Thug U!!!
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Oct 5, 2010