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*sabre rattling (though i bet "sable rattling" would be equally as fear inducing.)
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Oh Amy. Had this been prohibition in the 1920s and a local farmer done the same with a beautiful bottle of local wine, I'm sure you and your husband would have imbided. I don't condone the growers use of your address, but a simple call to them would have sufficed... When you say things like "We can’t afford to let the next few weeks drift away in a cloud of smoke," one assumes all marijuana smoker use marijuana frequently, without control, and to excess. By proliferating ideas that smoking pot is 'wrong' and taking the most extreme of reactions, your sable rattling only forces our country and local governments to treat use like a criminal activity. Please consider the impact of your words and actions against a community that doesn't harm you, or even themselves for that matter.
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Nov 14, 2010