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Congratulations on finding your soul mate you two! Eva and I are coming to Napa for her birthday July 20-24th, we would love to come visit (at Corison?) and take you out for a congratulatory glass of wine! Let us know if you are around, have a great day tomorrow! B & E
Toggle Commented Apr 11, 2012 on Kate and Hardy 4/12/12 at Dirty South Wine
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I thought the rating scale included some other noun/adjective? Is this one the "squirrel beater"??
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Congrats to both of you! We think it's a perfect fit and you guys will do great together! Best wishes, Bernie and Eva
Toggle Commented Mar 4, 2012 on Ah YEAH! Corison Winery at Dirty South Wine
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Alice, Great email from Cathy, thanks for posting. Can you "translate" what she is saying to the non-winemakers like us? I get the basic idea, but how does Cathy's process with ph and SO2 compare to other more commercialized wines? Thanks! Bernie and Eva is now following The Typepad Team
Apr 12, 2010