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Learning how to accept what I cannot change and just let go.
Interests: tennis, shopping, racquetball, my dogs, deep conversation
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He sheds a tear for all the kids lives that were lost but yet fully supports killing the unborn living human being life, and the loons believe that he really cares. mmmmm mmm mmmmm!!!!
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I think there needs to be a ban on Obama from this country.
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Thanks Maneo for sharing that! I think we probably can relive those wonderful emotions we had in the beginning by taking a moment or two to reflect back. Of course we can never go back to what once was but we can find new feelings and emotions with what we currently have.
Thanks for posting the link on FB! Don't mind at all, feel free!
Thanks Irilyn! Positive Chatter, excellent!!
Thanks Christine! Yes, I've been learning the same thing about ego and who I really am from Tolle and also Dyer. It really does take time to come to an acceptance, and living in tune with your higher nature.
Thanks GV! Most of us are unaware of these things in our daily life. Takes time to turn things around. Glad you liked the post.
Thanks kamagra! This is the kind of feedback that keeps me inspired to keep writing. Glad you stopped by and enjoyed reading what I wrote!
Hey there Anon! I hope that the Zoloft is helping to take the edge off your distress. Sometimes it takes more than just our own willpower to resolve things. Am curious as to how your Zoloft treatment turns out, let me know how it goes, I'm rooting for ya!
Hey dv, glad you liked the post! Please do come back again if you find that it works for you, would love to hear your results!
I think it's such a sad story when people who are immensely talented destroy their lives, and some at such a young age. I watched a documentary called "Who's Harry Nilsson- and why is everyone talkin' about him." Harry Nilsson was a very talented guy. A lot of his songs... Continue reading
Posted Jan 22, 2011 at KiSS a KoKoNut
I've heard about writer's block, not that I claim to be some big writer, but I can see how it could happen. Each time I think about coming over here and writing a new post, my mind seems to just draw a big complete blank. What to write about? There... Continue reading
Posted Jan 14, 2011 at KiSS a KoKoNut
After moving to Austin, Texas about 8 years ago, I still haven't figured out a way to escape cedar fever this time of year, besides just going on a few months vacation out of state, which isn't too possible. I've gone through just about every kind of antihistamine on the... Continue reading
Posted Jan 2, 2011 at KiSS a KoKoNut
What I learned from the year 2010 that will help me go forward into 2011 with new knowledge: 1. I learned that as long as I keep holding on to that which must come to an end, is as long as I will continue to fight with reality and remain... Continue reading
Posted Dec 28, 2010 at KiSS a KoKoNut
Hi Gavin, glad you stopped by and enjoyed reading the post. I think there is probably more people than you know that suffers with this same issue. Keep pushing yourself out of that comfort zone and soon the anxiety will fade completely away!
Toggle Commented Dec 23, 2010 on The Coffee Shop at Relax~Relate~Let Go
It was an especially good year for Annette, her parents had decided to move to Florida and she chose to stay in her home state and make it on her own. It would be her first time living away from home. Of course, sharing an apartment with her brother helped... Continue reading
Posted Dec 17, 2010 at KiSS a KoKoNut
Hi Julie. I'm guessing that everyone suffers with some form of social anxiety to different degrees, without even realizing it. Some people I think are just more prone to higher anxiety levels than others. I know that I have talked with different people that have told me that they have no signs whatsoever of social anxiety but yet there are times when they have some of those self doubting thoughts when interacting with others, difference is they dismiss the thoughts more quickly than someone with social anxiety and it never interferes with what they are doing. Glad you enjoyed reading the post!
Toggle Commented Dec 17, 2010 on The Coffee Shop at Relax~Relate~Let Go
Your welcome! Yes, it is very comforting to talk with others who can relate and Im glad that you came to my blog and found it helpful. It really helps to do the CBT with a trained therapist, but if you are unable to go to a therapist, it can be done on your own, just not as quickly and easily. With some time and effort, you will begin to see results just as I did. I continue to reinforce my new way of thinking on a consistent basis, you cant ever just sit back and think you dont have to ever work at it again. Just remember that you can try to reason and use logic with your emotional side as much as you want, but the emotional side rarely responds to it, which is why you must take some kind of action to change things around, its kind of like tough love. The emotional side of you is really the inner child which you have been letting get its way, the logical side of you is the adult part of you that always knows better, and just like you would do with a kid, you have to discipline that emotional side, take charge and listen to the part of you that knows what you need the most. Hang in there, keep taking action, youre doing great! Kimmie S. Smith
I read a post from another blog today that got me thinking about a certain behavior of mine. It's no secret that I have struggled with social anxiety most of my life, so the post that I read earlier today made me stop and think about the times when I... Continue reading
Posted Dec 13, 2010 at KiSS a KoKoNut
Hey Nora, glad you found my blog post and happy to hear that it gave you some added encouragement and strength! I feel for ya, I've struggled with allowing others to control my emotions ever since I can remember. I guess once you start to realize you really do have a choice in the matter, you begin letting those things just roll right off your back and don't even give it a second thought, and keep repeating to yourself "interesting point of view that is."
It's getting closer to Christmas! Time sure does seem to be flying by quicker and quicker with age. I sometimes wonder why that is. How is it that time could actually start going by quicker and quicker? I can remember when I was a kid, waiting for Christmas day to... Continue reading
Posted Dec 10, 2010 at KiSS a KoKoNut
It sounds like you have a basic OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder, problem. Ive suffered with OCD for a very long time so I know exactly the thinking process that is involved, the arranging things until you feel you got them just right and sometimes that never seems to happen, so it creates more anxiety, the repeating certain words over and over again until you feel as though youre losing it, touching things a certain amount of times, having the same worry over and over until it becomes extremely obsessive, thinking you need to do a certain ritual to keep from something bad happening. Ive dealt with it for many years and can honestly say that its not an easy thing to break, but it is possible. I went through CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) for this and really made great strides with it, but its something that has to be done consistently and repetitively to break the habit. I had a problem with sitting on chairs in public that were upholstery instead of leather, staying in hotels and sleeping on their bed or walking on any floors but my own with or without socks, if my hand touched my leg while walking I would have to make a point to touch the opposite leg with the opposite hand and continue this on both sides until it felt like everything is okay and if I didnt my mind would tell me that I might get sick if I didnt do it the right amount of times. All of this is very maddening and feels impossible to stop, but there is hope and it can stop, or else I wouldnt be as far along as I am. CBT and a lot of effort knocked down the anxiety levels on these issues to where now I can do these things without the anxiety stopping me. Its something to think about. You might want to give it a try, it cant hurt anyhow. I wish you well! Kimmie S. Smith
I think its normal to feel scared, just allow yourself your feelings but at the same time decide to take control over the thoughts, kind of like tough love, be loving to yourself but at the same time disciplining your thoughts. What kind of relapse are you talking about? Thats if I may be so bold to ask. Kimmie S. Smith
All worry is the same, useless waste of time. It really doesnt matter if its something serious or non serious, worrying will do nothing for you or your situation. You first must become aware of the thoughts that are causing you to worry obsessively, then you have to consciously practice replacing those thoughts with more logical, rational thoughts, and continue to remind yourself that worrying will only worsen the situation. Remind yourself that the worry is coming from your reaction to your thoughts, change the thoughts and your worry will begin to fade. Its not always easy, it takes a lot of practice, but you have to take control over the obsessive thoughts. Kimmie S. Smith