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If the HTML changes then almost any scraper or parser will fail. Anyone that says otherwise is bullshitting in order to justify doing the 'right thing'. It is the right thing to use a DOM or other similar method because it can be easier to read the code, and there are often other useful functions hanging about that can make any future development easier. However this 'robust' BS needs to stop. If the HTML changes then any parser breaks, unless it's your own HTML you're parsing and you design it in a careful way, i.e. using lots of unique 'id' attributes in tags so changing the structure of the HTML doesn't break anything. I agree with Chris S from November 17, 2009. His comment still stands now.
Toggle Commented Jul 3, 2011 on Parsing Html The Cthulhu Way at Coding Horror
"Future generations will look upon our treatment of prisoners in much the same way as we now look upon how the Victorians established workhouses—as a near barbaric mechanism to deal quietly with one of society’s problems without facing up to the real issues that it presents." My friend on benefits is now forced to work full-time on his measly benefits. He is on £1.40 an hour and is digging the land full-time. He is effectively in a workhouse. You described them as barbaric, and that they didn't really deal with the real issues. Can you expand on how the Conservatives have come to this 'barbaric' idea. Now don't get me wrong maybe he should work one day a week, which would put him on minimum wage. This then becomes work and not slavery.
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May 6, 2010