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the teacup incident
Boulder, CO
Hello, you've landed on my journal of small pleasures. Here you'll find me exploring paper crafts, vintage finds, local interests and more.
Interests: creating soft toys, sewing, photography, writing, thrifting, nature, hiking, travel
Recent Activity
Meet my latest handmade dolls, Holly and Rosie Sheridan. The Sheridans are chocolatiers, creating delicious goods for their shop Roseberry Fine Confections. Rosie is a master baker. Her macarons, cupcakes and wedding cakes are the finest around, both in taste and form. Holly is a master chocolatier, creating imaginative truffles... Continue reading
Posted 5 hours ago at the teacup incident
Thank you Lynne. I agree, always with chocolates :)
Make your own Valentines in a snap by attaching images from antique postcards to card stock with ribbon. These cute cards can be mailed, used as gift tags or table place holders if you're having a party. I have scanned in some pretty antique Valentines for you to use in... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at the teacup incident
All new hats in my Etsy shop - add some drama to your winter doll clothes! Continue reading
Posted 5 days ago at the teacup incident
Meet my latest handmade doll: Beatrice Swann. Bea, as she is known, is a calligrapher. She works in a stationery store stocked with lovely cards, pens, journals, custom invitations and handmade papers. Although wedding season is her busiest time of year, she can be found any time of year penning... Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at the teacup incident
I find vintage fashion illustrations entertaining to look at. They clearly show their era in the fashions but often in a fun and colorful way. The ladies in the illustration above look ready to cut out and place in a tableau. These illustrations are from a 1949 Vogue Pattern magazine... Continue reading
Posted Feb 1, 2016 at the teacup incident
Meet my latest handmade dolls: Poppy Davis and Pippa Kendall. Poppy is a pediatric nurse at the local hospital and plays the accordion. Pippa is a Montessori teacher and a fine singer. Poppy and Pippa are friends and musical partners, playing gigs at local pubs and parties. They call themselves... Continue reading
Posted Jan 29, 2016 at the teacup incident
Hi Silvia, I'm happy you found my fur examples funny. Thank you for stopping by!
Toggle Commented Jan 27, 2016 on Saturday Fun at the teacup incident
Thank you Lynne! I loved repurposing these vintage pins. Its fun to add a little regal bling to your doll collection.
Now you can celebrate your doll's birthday or other momentous occasions by awarding her a fancy medal! Vintage gold-toned and enamel pin, 2" wide, has a loop on the back for attaching ribbon. It comes with three colors of ribbon so you can customize your pin to the occasion. The... Continue reading
Posted Jan 25, 2016 at the teacup incident
Thank you for your sweet comments, Lynne :)
Toggle Commented Jan 25, 2016 on Saturday Fun at the teacup incident
Presents for my creative self: new magazines, flowers from the grocery store, ribbon and vintage oilcloth for future projects. I also signed up for Pam Garrison's Painting Petals online class that starts on January 30th. I recently bought the magazine "Flow", issue 11. Do you read it? Its a lovely... Continue reading
Posted Jan 25, 2016 at the teacup incident
Hi Claire - thank you for commenting! Art Parts is a fun shop to visit and I always find something I have to have. Artists are are now dropping off their leftover supplies there so it makes for an inspiring shopping experience. Maybe its time to start something similar in your community?
Meet my newest handmade doll: Hillary Smythe. Hillary is a Realtor and she is ready to talk about your housing options. Do you desire turrets, stables, a sea view, or a secret garden? Hillary will find them for you. Her specialty is cottages and she created a chart that rates... Continue reading
Posted Jan 22, 2016 at the teacup incident
Thank you Lynne for your sweet comments and I'm glad you like my flea market finds. You should buy a doll bed too - it would be fun display piece for your dolls. I have a vintage wire doll bed that I really should kit out with a fun mattress and colorful pillows, country daybed style. Thanks for the idea.
Meet my latest handmade doll: Ann Winters. Ann is an antiques dealer with a good eye for linens and pretty furnishings. She loves floral art, bird motifs and anything with pink in it. Her shop on the High Street is the place to go to find special gifts and one-of-a-kind... Continue reading
Posted Jan 18, 2016 at the teacup incident
New doll hats available in shop, some with matching scarves! More dolls and hats coming soon. Continue reading
Posted Jan 16, 2016 at the teacup incident
Thank you Anne! The show has drawn in many moms and daughters who like to see alternative art. Then they go shopping for art supplies :) Wishing you a wonderful weekend too!
Thank you Lynne for your kind comments. Art Parts is one of my favorite places to find art inspiration here in Boulder. I'm glad they opened last year and wish them many years of success and growth.
My Garden Party Girl dolls on display at Art Parts Creative Reuse Center Last Friday was the open house for "Posers", an art doll show at Art Parts Creative Reuse Center here in Boulder. My dolls were featured along with two other art doll artists, Beverly A. Hamilton and Suzzanne... Continue reading
Posted Jan 15, 2016 at the teacup incident
Hi Kim, and thank you for your comments! Im glad you like my vintage biscuit tin collection. I agree, the yellow one is special Adding sparkly pinsto my handmade dolls is a fun way to change their look for the season.
Thank you for visiting, Kim! Its always nice to hear from you
Toggle Commented Jan 13, 2016 on Beginning Anew at the teacup incident
Thank you Kim!
Thank you Anne! The open house had a good showing despite the snow fall (3"). It was fun meeting other doll artists and comparing favorite resources. Now its back to sewing as my shop needs new dolls :)
Toggle Commented Jan 12, 2016 on Beginning Anew at the teacup incident
Thank you Lynne. You will have fun with this pair of ladies, I'm sure of it.