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Lustrous Henna®
Lustrous Henna® is the brainchild of Syed Abbas. It is an all-natural hair color dye in various shades for men and women. Simple: just mix and use. Then look beautiful.
Interests: Promoting nature to effectively color hair, as well as healthy hair and body care.
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How Safe is P-Toluenediamine in Permanent Hair Dye? It depends on whose hair color research (or lack of it) you choose to rely on. Natural hair color safety should be paramount in your choice of hair coloring dye. After extensive scientific research, the European Commission (Health and Consumer Safety) concluded that the use of toluene-2,5-diamine cannot be considered safe for... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at Lustrous Henna®
Hair Growth has been a concern of many since ancient times. The following is a recipe for a drink that has been used to encourage hair growth for decades. Hair Growth Cocktail –a Healthy Drink for Dry Hair (a meal replacement protein shake) 8 oz. milk (whole, fat-free, almond or soy) 1 egg (raw) 1 tablespoon of raw wheat germ... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at Lustrous Henna®
About Cassia Obovata Powder by Saba Botanical of USA Senna Leaves Powder Natural highlights of hair color like ash blonde hair, golden blonde hair or other lighter hair shades can be made radiant with Cassia Obovata. It is a green powder like henna, but unlike henna it does not deposit any color if left on for short time periods. Cassia... Continue reading
Posted Jan 22, 2015 at Lustrous Henna®
About Pure Indigo Leaves Powder by Saba Botanical Indigo has been used since ancient times as a natural dye. The botanical name is Indigofera Tinctoria. It was used by men and women to dye textiles and hair. The dye is made from processing the plant’s leaves by soaking them in water and allowing them to ferment. This converts the natural... Continue reading
Posted Jan 20, 2015 at Lustrous Henna®
About Lustrous Henna® and other Product Reviews Recent unsolicited endorsements: Here are more natural hair product reviews that have made a difference. The following customer reviews appear just as they were sent to Saba Botanical of USA (other than typo correction). E-mail addresses and last names have been removed (unless given permission to use full name) for the sake of... Continue reading
Posted Jan 16, 2015 at Lustrous Henna®
Saba Botanical of USA Shopping and Price List is Updated. Saba Botanical of USA is providing the following updated price list to assist current, new and future customers in creating your personalized shopping list. Current product names, product codes and prices are included. Feel free to save it as a reference for your Saba Botanical product orders. (Click image for... Continue reading
Posted Jan 14, 2015 at Lustrous Henna®
I really like to whip up cool stuff for my hair, especially with most ingredients from my kitchen and a couple of things from Saba Botanical of USA. Why Saba? Because I trust their reputation for providing high quality ingredients from India that I can use in my hair pack recipes. I benefit with not only my hair being colored... Continue reading
Posted Jan 9, 2015 at Lustrous Henna®
Was My Own Hair Growth Due to Hair Braiding? I must admit that I braid my hair every night. I haven’t always followed this routine, but have done so faithfully for the past several months. It didn’t occur to me that my hair growth had increased (when compared with last year at this time), until I was looking at photos... Continue reading
Posted Jan 8, 2015 at Lustrous Henna®
My Natural 2015 New Year Resolution: Use a 100% plant-based hair dye that also conditions my hair by staying free of harmful chemical dyes, remaining PPD-free and avoid damaging my hair. Use genuine, natural botanicals to clean and condition my hair, thus stopping hair loss and promote hair growth with regular use. My 2015 New Year Resolution Natural Plan for... Continue reading
Posted Jan 1, 2015 at Lustrous Henna®
Why Perform an Allergy Test on Premium Henna Hair Dye? Lustrous Henna® is a laboratory tested, premium quality, henna hair dye. Lab testing certifies that Lustrous Henna® is non-toxic and does not contain chemicals such as para-phenlenediamine (PPD). Lustrous Henna® also does not contain ammonia, peroxide, or other synthetic dyes. It’s 100% all-natural, plant-based hair dye. Lustrous Henna® hair dye... Continue reading
Posted Dec 30, 2014 at Lustrous Henna®
Hair Oil Treatment for Damaged Hair -Jojoba Oil The chemical structure of jojoba oil is quite similar to that of sebum, which is naturally produced by our body. Therefore, jojoba oil is very effective in maintaining the oil balance of the scalp, treating hair loss and strengthening the hair roots. Jojoba oil is easily absorbed by the scalp and doesn’t... Continue reading
Posted Dec 26, 2014 at Lustrous Henna®
DIY Hair Masks for Special Occasions A special occasion doesn’t mean you need to spend lots of cash to look fabulous. Need a hair treatment that will bring the radiance back to your locks? Want to turn a few heads when you make an entrance? Well, believe it or not, a visit to your kitchen and bath will give you... Continue reading
Posted Dec 24, 2014 at Lustrous Henna®
Warning: Compound Henna is NOT All-Natural Henna Exactly what’s in that box of henna hair dye mix? You may be surprise to learn that this ‘compound henna’ hair dye is not 100% all-natural henna. In fact, most ‘compound henna’ hair dye are usually a dangerous compound of inferior quality henna, that contains lower dye content and is mixed with harmful... Continue reading
Posted Dec 19, 2014 at Lustrous Henna®
Mung Beans Helps Your Scalp –from the Inside Mung beans contain, copper, which is a very important mineral for a healthy scalp and thick hair. Body and hair cells depend on good nutrients, like the rich protein and vitamin B1 found in mung bean, as well as calcium and phosphorus for strong bones. The mung bean also contains anti-oxidants and... Continue reading
Posted Dec 18, 2014 at Lustrous Henna®
Skin Protection Tips Help Scalp Protection Proper scalp protection in winter mimics proper skin protection. Unprotected skin leads to dry, peeling, itching skin. The same things that our skin needs are the same things our scalp needs during winter. Thinking of what winter does to our unprotected skin actually helps us to understand what it will do to our natural... Continue reading
Posted Dec 12, 2014 at Lustrous Henna®
“Save Your Hair” Claims that Can Lead to Disaster There are innumerable amounts of hair products that claim to save your hair, damaged from other products that have claim to save your hair. You then move on to yet another product that again claims to: save your hair. Even though countless men and women are affected by hair loss caused... Continue reading
Posted Dec 11, 2014 at Lustrous Henna®
The following hair growth pack is commonly used to moisturize hair and aid in clearing up problem dandruff and other scalp conditions; even lice and fungus. Lemony Egg and Yogurt Hair Growth Pack Mix one cup of yogurt with one egg and the juice of one lemon into a workable paste. Apply paste to the entire length of hair from... Continue reading
Posted Dec 4, 2014 at Lustrous Henna®
Sharing Your Pain: Allergic Contact Dermatitis It’s painful to read of the physical and emotional scarring and distress caused by allergic contact dermatitis from hair dye chemicals such as, PPD (para-phenylenediamine), especially if you’ve suffered the same sad consequences. Yet, it still helps to share and learn of a solution to this dangerous substance and the potential adverse reaction it... Continue reading
Posted Dec 3, 2014 at Lustrous Henna®
Is P-Toluenediamine in Permanent Hair Color Dye? “Toluene-2,5-Diamine and Toluene-2,5-Diamine Sulfate are used as ingredients in the formulation of permanent hair dyes, colors and tints. Toluene-3,4-Diamine may also be used in hair dye products.” 1This permanent hair color chemical has also been called para-toluenediamine (PTD) or p-toluenediamine. So is it safe when used in permanent hair color dye? It depends... Continue reading
Posted Nov 28, 2014 at Lustrous Henna®
The Flowering Acacia Catechu Tree Did you know that there is another flowering tree that produces a wonderful benefit for hair color? First of all, the acacia catechu tree is found in the forests of India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and other Asian countries. According to, the World Agro Forestry Centre, acacia catechu is a small or medium-sized, thorny tree up... Continue reading
Posted Nov 26, 2014 at Lustrous Henna®
Natural Hair Dye that Naturally Conditions Hair Did you know that Lustrous Henna® all-natural hair dye is the brainchild of a man on a quest for a safe, non-allergenic product that would cause no harm to his hair. Perhaps you can identify with Syed Abbas’ quest for a plant-based hair dye that would not only cover his gray hair and... Continue reading
Posted Nov 21, 2014 at Lustrous Henna®
Progressive Hair Dye is an Dangerous Risk for Men Many men use progressive hair dye because they're unaware of a safer, natural hair dye alternative to color gray hair. Progressive hair dye and hair color formulas have been targeted at men for decades to cover their gray hair. These change the gray hair color gradually. Permanent and semi-permanent synthetic dyes... Continue reading
Posted Nov 20, 2014 at Lustrous Henna®
Why Make Ancient Bath Salts at Home Bath salts are water-soluble, pulverized minerals added to water to be used for bathing. They are said to improve cleaning, enhance the enjoyment of bathing, and serve as a vehicle for cosmetic agents. Bath salts have been developed which mimic the properties of natural mineral baths or hot springs.1 It is said that... Continue reading
Posted Nov 14, 2014 at Lustrous Henna®
The Athlete’s Foot Nightmare Let’s face it: Suffering from athlete’s foot is an embarrassing, aggravating nightmare that can cause you to suffer day and night -without let up! However since athlete’s foot is caused by a fungus and is contagious, you need to work to get rid of it and prevent future outbreaks. While there are over-the-counter temporary solutions; there... Continue reading
Posted Nov 13, 2014 at Lustrous Henna®
Flax flowers Healthy Hair Hot Oil Treatment with Flaxseed Oil Did you know that natural herbal oils you've probably already use for skin care are known to help strengthen, regrow hair and to eliminate dandruff. Flaxseed oil is very beneficial for healthy hair. It’s easy to apply, and when used along with the natural botanical powders at Saba Botanical of... Continue reading
Posted Nov 6, 2014 at Lustrous Henna®