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I think it's fair to grab an unencrypted file from a shady source if I already own a licensed copy in an unplayable or inconvenient format. Once in a while, for convenience only, and deleting after I'm done, almost like a chached copy.
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I immediately thought Dr. Parrish's head looked familiar, but I didn't say anything to my dad. Apparently he had been thinking the same thing, because right in the middle of the lab scene, about at the bean bag gun vs force field screen, my dad said, astonished, "That's Wil... Crusher!" It took me a second to decode what he said, another second to verify the face (I had just seen "Contagion," and Wesley's look of shock at the Yamato's destruction was still fresh in my mind), and then I said, "Wheaton." Watching TNG together was my primary bonding experience with my dad when I was a child, since neither of us was particularly into sports.
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Jul 12, 2010