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St. Paul Minnesota, 55104
Interests: Educating the youth of America, sports.
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Over the last weeked I was treated to a fabulous weekend of basketball! We got a chance to watch a mixture of EYBL, Adidas, Under Armour, and open teams. One of the open teams not associated with a major shoe company is Wisconsin United! The United team is loaded with... Continue reading
Reblogged Nov 30, 2015 at MyRecruitEZ
Over the last weeked I was treated to a fabulous weekend of basketball! We got a chance to watch a mixture of EYBL, Adidas, Under Armour, and open teams. One of the open teams not associated with a major shoe company is Wisconsin United! The United team is loaded with... Continue reading
Posted Jul 23, 2014 at MyRecruitEZ
ESPN top ranked players posterize players on the EYBL Circuit! Enjoy the athleticism from Malik Newman a 5 star recruit and the number one player in the country, Jarvis Johnson a 4 star recruit, and another 4 star recruit Sacar Anim. More coming from last weekends EYBL soon! Continue reading
Posted May 27, 2014 at MyRecruitEZ
Myrecruitez loves it when a plan comes together for student athletes! Monday night Izzo informed Jarvis Johnson he would love the athletic guard to play for the Michigan State Spartans by offering him a scholarship. Johnson has been a target of Michigan State since the ninth grade. The Myrecruitez staff... Continue reading
Posted May 1, 2014 at MyRecruitEZ
There is a long list possible suitors for new ownership of the LA Clippers if Donald Sterling is forced to sell. I would be very surprised if the NBA forced a sell. I do commend the commissioner for banning Sterling for a lifetime. It was a very bold move considering... Continue reading
Posted Apr 30, 2014 at MyRecruitEZ
Jamil Jackson's name is beginning to buzz. Coaches from around the Country are taking notice of the 6'5" Wing whose game was compared to Rashad Vaughn's this weekend at the Peach Jam Qualifier in Chicago. His Pulley 16U team went 0 and 5 against some really stiff competition! Three of... Continue reading
Posted Apr 30, 2014 at MyRecruitEZ
MyRecruitez had a chance to catch up with Donnell "Red" Gresham after battling some of the top PG's in the country! We watched Gresham play against the likes of Tyus Jones, Jalen Brunson (Mac Irvin Fire) 5 star prospect, Aaron Jordan (Illinois Stars) 5 star prospect, Brevin Pritzl (Wisconsin Playground)... Continue reading
Posted Apr 29, 2014 at MyRecruitEZ
Hello. Just wanted to chime in on the whole Donald Sterling racist rant to his Black girlfriend! Me personally, how many other owners share his views? I really don't think he is alone! The Master Slave view has been around since Africans set foot on this continent and as evidenced... Continue reading
Posted Apr 28, 2014 at MyRecruitEZ
Coaches, Maxwell Jackson lowers the boom! Jackson is a no brainer! He comes from great stock! His father was a high division one defensive back from out of Michigan and three year starter with the University of Minnesota. Jackson is a talented safety/athlete prospect that has learned the game from... Continue reading
Posted Jan 14, 2014 at MyRecruitEZ
Came across two articles this morning. Thought both were rather interesting and well written by Mike Kaszuba and Jason Gonzalez. I did however think the themes of both articles were perplexing. Both articles were about sports advocates in high school sports. One is close friends and advisor to ESPN #17... Continue reading
Posted Dec 18, 2013 at MyRecruitEZ
Coaches, Wow! That describes Brian Lankford Johnson! If you like workhorses you will love sophomore sensation Brian Lankford Johnson! This kid reminds us of a slightly bigger Jeff Jones, this years Mr. Minnesota Football. As a sophomore he was used as a backup for Blake Banham. When he got his... Continue reading
Posted Dec 17, 2013 at MyRecruitEZ
Coaches, George Hottinger is a terrific athlete for his size! He is a throw back player from the golden age of football that played where ever needed to give Cretin Derham Hall the best opportunity to win! He is the ultimate team player that has played almost every position on... Continue reading
Posted Dec 17, 2013 at MyRecruitEZ
Coaches, do you remember Seantrel Henderson...the number one player in High School from Cretin Derham Hall? How about Javier Collins from St. Thomas High School in Mendota Heights Minnesota that went on to a stellar career in the NFL. What did all of them have in common? Size and great... Continue reading
Posted Dec 16, 2013 at MyRecruitEZ
Coaches, Jada Jones is a definite under the radar player in the state of Minnesota. Minnesota has become a hotbed for Girls basketball. Coaches from all over are beginning to take notice of the untapped talent coming from here, especially the inner city areas. Jones is one of these players.... Continue reading
Posted Dec 12, 2013 at MyRecruitEZ
Michael Binns here again with MREZ Sports! Just wanted to hit everyone before the weekend is finally over with notes for coaches that couldn't be attendance at the Apple Valley vs Minnetonka game! Man did you miss a great game! Minnetonka was without their Senior star guard and one of... Continue reading
Posted Dec 1, 2013 at MyRecruitEZ
Oops! The quote is "If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem!"
No doubt! By the way I am also a Gopher Alum and loved watching Clem Haskins teams, even played against Willie Burton, Melvin Newborn, Voshon Leonard, Bobby Jackson, and my main man Walter Bond on a regular basis in various top summer leagues and respect all of them tremendously because they came to the hood and got it in and also thought the talent was pretty good! That was a long time ago and a hundred pounds lighter...Lol, The thing is we agree. My momma taught me, if you are part of the solution you are part of the problem! The good thing is we have access to the coaching staff and the top athletes in the area and making a connection should be no problem.
I can see you have taken this to personal level. Why? I never said I was against the University of Minnesota. You seem like a intelligent person so why twist the words or my views? Again, my view nor yours don't really matter! What matters is black voices in my community being heard! Your right, not every African American has the same view so I'm not referring to those African Americans that have the view that Minnesota does not disenfranchise student athletes from the local immediate urban centers of Saint Paul and Minnesota. Again, the view or the perception of the University of Minnesota by African Americans are a fact and should be addressed to keep these kids in the state. I do believe the kids should stay in state! Not one time have I during this discussion and prior discussion disrespect the University of Minnesota nor the coaching staff. I can tell you a jewel on Wisconsin and kids believing its an honor to get an offer later than sooner...ITS WISCONSIN! Have you seen the makeup of Wisconsin's basketball team presently and in the past? Wisconsin hasn't and doesn't scrutinize the black communities either that's why they attend Marquette. I'm talking about the black players. I know this as fact because I'm in the recruiting circles there also. Its nice that you did your homework and threw Broderick's name into the mix, but it still doesn't change the perception. By the way, the University offered him first before anyone in his class so there is no axe to grind on behalf of me nor Broderick! Don't get me wrong...staying home is a huge advantage for players. They served my good friend Darrell Thompson well! I loved that he stayed home and did a splendid job...but remember he wasn't from the hood! Now don't take that the wrong way. Darrell is a definite Black Man Minnesota athletes can learn from! He isn't being scrutinized for having a great life. He is a great man! You can save the sarcasm! Again, the discussion is about perceptions. I don't agree that these perceptions should be ignored. They should be discussed! We know the current coaches didn't create the situation, but its what has been handed down to them. I won't comment on your view and sarcasm levied against KMOJ and McKenzie. Just know they are more credible than you on this topic because they are in the trenches in hood trying to make a better way for kids at their expense. A viable solution is for the University to acknowledge the perception exists. The next solution is to do some outreach in African American communities. They can take the same steps Major League baseball has done to bring African Americans back to baseball by being more visible in the communities. Not asking for much. When you run your basketball or football camps invite kids on a reduced or scholarship fee. Bring the kids in early enough so they start to understand college is a great solution and avenue for them. It will go a very long way! Please keep the discussion professional and stop with the patronizing. You don't need it. You make splendid points! They should start with outreach programs and they will change perceptions. Its a start! As a black man you nor I should discount the views of our people. They have been discounted for so long! They should be heard! Again these views are bigger than basketball! Its about alleviating the reason for having this discussion in the first place! Again, I like Pitino. I loved Tubby Smith and feel bad he got the shaft and let go for ....I don't know. Again Pitino has started out good by making appearances Smith and other coaches have not in urban areas. He has started to build a great relationship with my good friends at Grassroots and Pulley. Like I said Pitino will eventually land some of these recruits! Again, I really don't want to open up a discussion about football recruiting! Just know the U let tons get away with big offers due to recruiting them late. The kids returning home after playing elsewhere only proves that they wanted to be here in the first place but didn't feel they were recruited until too late.
So you agree the perception is viable? Of course you do. That is the intent of the article. You hit it right on the nose. African Americans view on the matter is my concern. I'm honored your grandparents who were black were the first to attend the University. Remember, Jackie Robinson was the first to play for the Dodgers but that didn't or doesn't mean discrimination doesn't exist. Again no matter what you or I think, its the perception of Black Minnesotans living in Urban areas that believe the hometown school doesn't recruit as thoroughly as they should. Don't get me started with football. Have you heard the quote...Basketball is more than a game? My good friend Larry McKenzie who won numerous Minnesota State championships coined it. This issue is bigger than basketball and bigger than the 2 black assistant coaches on the U staff. Its about repairing a relationship. Thats it! The new coaches should try to repair the relationship and improve their image to local African American players in all sports. We will stick with hoops for the moment. Remember, do you think the president actually runs our Government? Just like the oval office...there is someone behind the scene. If this new coaching staff doesn't tow the line...they ass is out! Why do you think Tubby was fired? Fired after having a decent run in the tournament! By the way I had and have the privilege of speaking with most players you listed and then some more and their parents. Again, the issue is bigger than you or I. I'm going to quote the top division one football prospect in America for class 2015. "I was a little disappointed the U offered me after Iowa of all schools!" That's not personal opinion that is a fact! That is the perception Pitino and other coaches have to alleviate so these kids will want to stay home. And oh, there is a host of kids Larry McKenzie had that could have played and flourished at the University of Minnesota just like Nolan. I will interview McKenzie and post it in the near future on this very specific topic. Do you listen to KMOJ? This same topic was discussed numerous times on their program?