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I like this. In my pockets of the jacket I wear 90% of the time: 1. A pocket line. (6' foot of 6-8 mm line with a loop tied in the end). 2. A small but bright headlamp. 3. A survival kit: Includes knife, fire steel, saw, snare wire, fishing kit, a pencil, compass, emergency whistle, sewing kit, tin opener and other stuff I've forgotten about. Packed into a waterproof box about the size of a tobacco tin. Admittedly the knife & sewing kit are used most. 4. HTC Desire. 5. Keyring with beer bottle opener and bizarrely a pewter mouse (non-functioning). I used to carry a leather-man on my belt but don't anymore for the same reasons as Juux. I had a utilikey but lost it :-( Dave
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Aug 13, 2010