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I will correct two glaring errors in your post, although I assume they are really just propaganda. First, this is not Arizona's humanitarian crisis, it is Mexico's. Demeaning Arizonans who want immigration laws enforced will do nothing to alleviate the issues that bring the immigrants here. Look into Mexico and central America. There is where you will find the ultimate blame. Business owners in America who exploit illegal immigrants are nearly as guilty. Additionally, stating simplistically that border crossings are declining doesn't address the many thousands of illegals already here. They don't just come across the border and pop into non-existence, you know. Second, noting the statistical drop in crime in SOUTHERN Arizona conveniently ignores the illegal immigrant-related crime going on in central and northern Arizona. Kidnappings ... torture houses ... rape trees ... stolen cars ... stolen guns ... fatal hit-and-runs. Shame on you and other writers for choosing to ignore these real issues. We Arizonans know better than non-Arizonans that most illegal immigrants are just trying to provide a better life for their families. We also know how they often must take advantage of every opportunity to do so and not get deported. Those are very costly matters to the citizens of Arizona. Just go to any emergency room in Phoenix or Tucson and sit and watch for a few hours. You'll see many illegal immigrants taking advantage of our healthcare and we won't see a dime of reimbursement - the bill will fall on the taxpayers and insured citizens. Why is this not discussed amongst people who apparently support illegal immigration?
Your post makes an egregious error not at all uncommon to people outside of Arizona who presume to know the illegal immigrant issue better than those of us who have lived here for years - years of Federal indifference, it should not be forgotten. The error of your post is in blaming increased border patrolling for increased deaths amongst border crossers. That perspective can only be the result of coming to the issue with a very subjective position. The reason that more border crossers are dying in the desert is because ... they are coming here ILLEGALLY ... and thus choosing the most dangerous corridor at the most dangerous time of the year. How many legal immigrant deaths in the desert are tallied? None. Because they're not knowingly violating this nation's immigration laws and as such are not trying to avoid anything. Perhaps you should look up the terms "rape tree"; "torture house"; and "kidnapping" - Phoenix has become the kidnapping capital of America. And many of these migrants looking merely for work are tortured and even murdered in the fight between coyotes trying to establish turf as well as extorting families back in Mexico. Can you please explain what is wrong with waiting in line, like all the people from other countries trying to come to America?
I must take issue with your points. As a longtime resident of Arizona who has also worked in law enforcement, I see a reality in the illegal immigrant issue that is sadly overlooked or ignored by too many knee jerk, sanctimonious persons who presume to know better. In particular, the ethnic studies matter is not about erasing the influence of poor people upon history, but about precluding such studies from being a cover for blanket accusations against persons of European descent. The common thread in many such studies is tied through an ideology that white people are inherently oppressive to non-white people. This is what the AZ legislature has labeled "Ethnic Chauvinism". It is essentially a state sanctioned form of racism that helps no one. The lives and influence of non-white persons can be presented in a way that does not necessarily indict all persons of European descent. That is the driving force behind the ethnic studies measure. Stop teaching about which race did what - it's not a score card; stop teaching racism. Simply teach about how history has been influenced to the good and the bad by persons irrespective of their race. Is that such a draconian concept?
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Aug 25, 2010