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Since Nevada is very libertarian, please include Libertarian Gary Johnson in your U.S. Presidential polling of that state. In both Nevada and Iowa, please ask the respondents if they would like for the media to consistently give more coverage to alternative political parties and their candidates. Finally, in both Nevada and Iowa, please ask the respondents if they would like for additional candidates to be in the nationally televised U.S. Presidential and Vice Presidential debates this fall.
Gary Johnson is running for U.S. President as the nominee of the Libertarian Party. He is a former two-term Governor of New Mexico. Therefor, I think it would be very interesting to see where he currently stands there. So, please include him in your New Mexico poll. Of secondary importance, please include him in your Iowa poll too. Also, please ask the residents of both states, if they would like for the Libertarian Party to grow into a major political party or not.
Regarding Texas... I wish you would include Gary Johnson in your questions about U.S. Presidential candidates.
Regarding New Mexico... Gary Johnson is a former two-term Governor of that State. He is running for President of the United States as a candidate of the Libertarian Party. Subsequently, I wish you would ask what his current popularity level is there, what his job approval rating as Governor is, and especially, if people are going to vote for him for President.
Hey Floridians! Good News!! You don't have 'to worry' about voting for either Marco Rubio, Charlie Crist, or Kendrick Meek!!! Why? Because the Libertarian Party's 'very principled' Alex Snitker is a candidate in the U.S. Senate race too!!! He's running a really aggressive campaign!! Here's his current TV ad!
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Hey Florida Tea Party and 9/12 Members supporting Rubio... You're right! Alex Snitker is going 'to strip' votes away from Marco Rubio! That's because Alex is a 'very aggressive' candidate with 'great' integrity and beliefs!!! But, you're also wrong! You say, "A vote for Snitker is a vote for Crist." When in actuality, 'a vote for Snitker is a vote for Snitker!' By election day, Alex would have worked 'extremely hard' for every vote he gets! In other words, he would have earned them!!! Subsequently, you should 'work hard' and get your candidate more votes 'legitimately', rather than trying 'to steal' Alex's by either asking or telling him to quit! Of which, you should be 'ashamed' of yourselves!!!
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Aug 30, 2010