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The court should fine these crazies for wasting the court time as did the lower court. My judgement would have been stripping Orly Taitz of her US citizenship on the ground of not respecting the US Constitution and deport her back to wherever she was from.
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Thank you, Doyle Manus! This clown is done! And I remember my words, too! How in the world the Republican party has become? Thank you, NY and CA! Without you, they would run roughshods all over us. Sometimes, I just wish the GOP has their ways, taking Medicare and SS away from everyone, including the people who support them! If they don't see what's in the Ryan's plan - shifting Medicare costs to future retirees and using that money for another round of tax cuts for corporations and top earners - these people are beyond help! And if the Dems don't come out and vote, you only have yourselves to blame!
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"We have met the birthers, and the birthers are us." Amen!
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Don't be fool by her action. The court would have struck down this bill. Doing it this way, she assigned the task to the secretary of state for denying Obama when he filed for the 2012 reelection. Obama team would have to go to court to overturn the decision. Whatever the outcome, their objective is met: making Obama team defend themsekves legally!
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Who are the Koch brothers? These are the brothers who has been funding the birthers, the tea party to disrupt townhall meetings and spreading lies about 'Obamacare', etc. They has been against 'Obamacare' so much that now they are applying for assistance from funds setup by 'Obamacare' to assist small businesses caring for their aging workers!
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Sep 3, 2010