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OMG! After years of counseling and medication I finally find out it really isn't me! You have no idea how significant your article is. All my life I have been an outcast in my own family. I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters (1 of which is a psychopath) I have never had anyone to count on, to lean on for support. I cannot count the number of times I have been told "I don't want to end up like you" or "You created this situation, you get yourself out of it." and other stuff. Every time I tried to stand up for myself, I was told, this is not the time or the place, or why can't you get along with your sisters? I am the ONLY ONE in the family who doesn't drink or do drugs. I always thought if I tried harder, did better, or whatever, they would like me. But no matter what I did it was never good enough. Even when I was married the torment didn't end. My psychopathic sister would tell my alcoholic/drug addicted husband lies about me. He believed her. When I had problems with the neighbors, he believed them. Everyone told me what a great guy he was, but I never saw it. I now know he was "gaslighting" me. I was diagnosed as mentally ill and suicidal. After years of being manipulated and tormented who wouldn't be? I have a few close friends who have to remind me of the good I have done to get me through the rough days. If it wasn't for them and my kids, I'd probably be dead. I did cut off my sisters and my husband years ago. I have little contact with my parents and brothers. Thanks to some very good counselors and medication, I have made it out of the desert and back into civilized life. But I know I could never trust anyone ever again. When your own family denies you the basic necessities of life - who can you trust?
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Sep 19, 2010