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Harvey L
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Wil; That was cool, I'm a 64yo guy who just finished reading Just a Geek, any want to say that is the wrong title, it should be "How To Be A Man" that thing between our legs makes us male not a man. You have been through more BS in a few years than most go through in there entire life but you hang in and keep on going not making a mess of your life. Not only have I seen you in STNG & Stand By Me but also in Toy Soldier, December, Book of Days, and even Flubber and you were good in all of them. All were different and you played them differently. It's obvious that you have a great wife and fantastic parents they should be and I'm sure that they are proud of you and you should be proud of yourself. Keep up the good work that book should be required reading for troubled youth and adults.
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Oct 7, 2010