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A family of two here--we don't spend anything like $14/day on food. It's not that we couldn't spend more, it's that we don't need to. I do agree it would be nearly impossible if you limited yourself to $7/day without averaging it over a period of time, though. We are careful about buying what's on sale and that means a decent amount of stocking up on sale items. A dollar saved is the same as a tax-free dollar earned--the savings from checking the weekly ads is pretty good pay.
Toggle Commented Mar 23, 2011 on Going Whole Chicken at Al Dente
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I don't understand all the talk about algorithms here. It would be awfully hard to burn up large amounts of RAM with a bad algorithm in most situations. Bad algorithms burn CPU time far more than they burn RAM.
Another happy user of the Avant Stellar keyboards, although I wish they would update them to USB so the programming software can be used. However, this is actually being typed on a Northgate Omnikey Ultra--the keyboard on which the Avant Stellar is based. I have long since lost track of how old this thing is and it's my last one that works well but since it still works I haven't had any reason to replace it.
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Oct 23, 2010