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But compare this to the 2007 race for the 1st CD where Rob Wittman won by being everyone's second choice. Wittman was in fourth place through the first three ballots but then started surging. I suppose the difference is that everyone was neck and neck there where here Jackson had an impressive lead right from the start.
You got the House tally wrong according to the WaPo. Head, Putney and Ingram were the Republican abstainers or walkouts, and Joannou, Joe Johnson, and Jeion A. Ward were the Dem walkouts. So really 37 R yes and 31 R no.
But the 1 from the 8-1 is McEachin, which seems to undermine your theory.
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Why is the Virginia director of AFP - Ben Marchi - doing this the weekend before the election? Doesn't he have better things to do?
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Oct 30, 2010