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@Jeff Is your follow-up to this going to be titled "So you don't want to be a blogger after all?" You have a loyal following. Nearly 90 days between posts? Yes, you're busy, and you have a family. We get that. This blog either lives or it dies. You need to choose, I think. Don't let it turn into another withering speck of the Internet on life support.
Good post, Jeff. You and I actually conversed about a year ago about keyboards via email. I'm a long-time Microsoft 4000 keyboarder, but have always longed for "the perfect mix." I don't have RSI issues after extended typing sessions on either of my Macbook Pro laptops. One is "old school" -- silver keys. The other (that I use 98% of the time) is a 2009 model with the chiclet keyboard. Even so, I still prefer an "ergonomic" keyboard for my desk. I enjoy the short key travel and quick feedback from the better laptop keyboards currently on the market. I have been looking for a keyboard that combined an ergonomic layout with "laptop-style" keys for a long time, and have never found one. It seems that every ergonomic keyboard uses rubber domes, and the Microsoft 4000 is the least of the evils. I also recently came across the same threads of keyboard enthusiast messages that prompted your blog post. I'm still undecided where I'm going to go next with keyboards. So, I have to ask... after all the reading you did and your effort in putting in this blog post, I didn't see anything that said if you were actually going to start using something other than your tried-and-true Microsoft 4000? Was this post simply informational musing, or were you going somewhere with it (such as, "after all this research and what I've learned, I've decided that I'm going to try xxxxxx keyboard next")?
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Oct 31, 2010