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Universal Truths - living an ideal life
Queensland, Australia
Demonstration of living an ideal life...
Interests: imagination, causation, metaphysics, mind science, universal truths and laws, the phenomena of life, immense happiness, time freedom, financial freedom, optimum health.
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We are almost three weeks into the new calendar year and it would be interesting to take stock of whose goals are still clearly front of mind and who lost focus perhaps days or even weeks ago. I believe goals are an integral piece of the puzzle when it comes to living a mediocre life or an extraordinary one. When the doldrums set in, it's a sure sign that we have momentarily shifted our focus from "what's ideal?" and begun telling ourselves a story about, and refocussing on, what's not instead. Here's a reminder of what happened when a study... Continue reading
Posted Jan 11, 2015 at Universal Truths
Each year, for the past three years, I've selected a focus word to support my intentions and goals. I find it helps my progress and gives structure to my services and schedule. My focus word for 2o15 is Connection I consistently refer to the phrase, "we can't give what we haven't got." And, when I glance around me and query what the conditions of our planet, humanity, mind-body-spirit health, and the culture of our country, businesses, families, and relationships with each other and our self tell me about myself, the aspect of Life that appears most wanting of my attention,... Continue reading
Posted Jan 4, 2015 at Universal Truths
I received this query today, "I'm curious to know what concepts or process you go through for an event that takes place like the Siege in Sydney yesterday?" Over the course of the last 26 hours or so, which is about when I first became aware, via a Facebook post, that something unpleasant was occurring nearby, my process has been to: Minimise my exposure to Facebook and all other media sources - I ultimately had four or five very light references enter my space/attention/consciousness including 1.5 progressive ones. I invested some moments reading this article shared by a Facebook Friend... Continue reading
Posted Dec 15, 2014 at Universal Truths
Why do 'bad' things happen to 'good' people? Simply put, I don't believe they do. "BUT, BUT, BUT", I hear some people cry out. "How can you say that!?! Apart from the string of misfortune and bad luck 'so and so' experienced this year, what of the tremendous suffering being experienced through sickness and disease, wars, disasters, and the injustices to men, women and children occurring in our own back yard and the world over? What about them, and why do these things happen when the majority of these folks are 'good people'?" I'm not going to pretend for a... Continue reading
Posted Dec 9, 2014 at Universal Truths
I'm frequently asked about how to deal with feelings of anxiety, overwhelm and stress. Perhaps because I did my fair share of these emotions over the years...suffered the consequences...and discovered the alternatives. My truth about these emotional states today is that we arrive at them in the same way we arrive at serenity, calmness, and being relaxed. The cause of all things, including our emotional states, is thought or consciousness and it's our states of consciousness, or the thoughts we entertain regularly, that generate our emotional states. Feeling stressed and overwhelmed at any given time, and particularly at the end... Continue reading
Posted Nov 27, 2014 at Universal Truths
1. Get Clear Begin with the end in mind by asking, "what's ideal?" Is this 'ideal' good for me, good for others, and good for the planet? 2. Give your 'ideal' life through contemplation Who would I be when my 'ideal' shows-up or manifests? What are the kind of activities I'll be doing? What experiences and/or material items could I have access to? [Be-Do-Have] 3. Expand your mind Recognise that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience by reading, listening to, and watching material that evidences this truth (I have provided a link to my influencers in comments below).... Continue reading
Posted Nov 9, 2014 at Universal Truths
Our thoughts are the cause of all that we experience, and... Our feelings are our GPS or guidance system. They tell us if our effects are yet "ideal". Our words tell others where we're up to, and... Our activities, experiences and conditions are the journey, our work-in-progress, a snapshot in time of our cause and effect efforts. As we operate Universal Truths & Laws with increasing accuracy, and so long as we stay true and focussed on our "ideal", it becomes easier and more natural to enjoy the journey - knowing that the physical experience of our "ideal" is in... Continue reading
Posted Oct 30, 2014 at Universal Truths
Whenever I'm feeling impatient about where my relationships, outcomes, experiences and conditions tell me I'm up to, compared to "what's ideal", I remind myself that "this too shall pass". In fact, it is transforming at this very moment. I also invest moments remembering that things are likely to appear worse before the green shoots of my next "ideal" start showing up. The reason for this is that a) we exist in a time/space dimension, and b) when we launch a rocket of desire, the current version of "what-is" needs to be dismantled before the new can enter. Because it takes... Continue reading
Posted Oct 29, 2014 at Universal Truths
Here, at Universal Truths, we believe it's possible to live an ideal life and we apply and coach based on four transformational keys. Awareness + 1, 2, 3. Becoming aware, 10 or so years ago, that I was conditioned to drama, anger and volatility was useful in understanding that my "natural way of being" wasn't serving me well. Recognising that what I was putting out was returning undesirable conditions and experiences on a daily basis was quite an awakening. This scenario can be true if we act out the role of bully or victim, because one cannot exist without the... Continue reading
Posted Oct 23, 2014 at Universal Truths
For as long as I can remember, I've been fascinated by the topic of "death". I have recollections of contemplating death, in a fearful way, from about the age of four until conducting my own research into the subject (in particular through the work of Neville Goddard and Thomas Troward), to have not only found my peace with this subject but in the words of English painter, poet and printmaker, William Blake (1757-1827), I now practice "dying daily". This morning I came across an inspirational resource written by retired Cardiologist Dr. Terry Gordon. In it he states, "Death is but... Continue reading
Posted Oct 19, 2014 at Universal Truths
10 years ago, when my old version of life transformed in less than a few months and I found myself i... Continue reading
Posted Oct 19, 2014 at Universal Truths
Ever thought or used these words in one shape or another, "I'm doing good work, so where's my stuff?" ("stuff" in this context being a partner, the money, that new job, car, house, and/or trip, the restoration of health, a peaceful mind or well-being, whatever your perceived 'ideal' is.) Don't be fooled or saddened by the seeming delay in timing/appearance of your "ideals". The time it takes between here and there is the time it takes for us to grow into the person we are required to become, to believe and know we are worthy, and to develop a vibrational... Continue reading
Posted Oct 19, 2014 at Universal Truths
Reaping the rewards of embracing change and experientialising 'trust' and 'faith'. Welcome to my new office... until next time... Live a Life you Love J x Continue reading
Posted Oct 16, 2014 at Universal Truths
Embracing Change On Wednesday, 15 October 2o14, I had the opportunity to embrace change, so I did! until next time... Live the Life you Love J x Continue reading
Posted Oct 16, 2014 at Universal Truths
Tonight's full moon (posting from Brisbane, Australia) is also a blood moon following a total eclipse. I'm not knowledgeable in the area of astrology so I can only wonder what impact and influence this has on our human psyche. A correlation I am making is that there seems to be a build up of anxiety around and friends enquiring about ideas and natural remedies to manage this emotion. Anxiety on the other hand I am familiar with. Once upon a time I was so intimate with this feeling that I was hospitalised on a couple of occasions and lost count... Continue reading
Posted Oct 7, 2014 at Universal Truths
This is a practical piece and introduces a tool for Coaching & Self-Coaching This blog contains a process for coaching and self-coaching that is proving its benefits to a growing audience. No surprises there really because it has evolved from information and instructions passed on by sages from all places, ages and times. It's been written with my coachees in mind, and includes a brief introduction to the process' origin. It also has an overview of each of the coaching Keys (the simple four step process itself), and Tips to experience, test and measure each step in your own way... Continue reading
Posted Aug 30, 2014 at Universal Truths
Success by default or by design is a phrase I’ve been hearing a bit in recent weeks. The leaders at the organisation I work are setting Key Priorities for the next 12 months and I’ve been enquiring with some managers what their goals or visions are for themselves and their teams over the same period. What’s important about knowing where we’re going is that we cannot reach a destination we have not clearly set our sights on. And, if we have set our sights on them, and need others to assist us get there, are we able to clearly explain... Continue reading
Posted Aug 14, 2014 at Universal Truths
On average, I communicate with a couple of hundred people a day through a variety of mediums; and I love it. An "ideal" for work and for life, is to have meaningful, loving connections and conversations with as many people as possible; and a desire is to be the expression, in all moments, that it's possible to "live an ideal life" at home, at work, and in relationship. I enjoy identifying patterns in life - it's how I managed out many recurring ailments from my experience, including manic depression. It's also what enabled Anthony & I to develop our Keys... Continue reading
Posted Aug 2, 2014 at Universal Truths
Love you to bits!! Sharing is a lovely compliment to a blogger and to me :) XO!
Just when things start going well in one area, something goes off the rails in another. "Why is there always something to deal with?" I was asked recently. My response, "We are either addicted to drama or committed to growth. Either way, whatever is dealt to us, we can rest assured, is for our highest good." To appreciate this idea, it might be useful to understand the idea I currently hold about the objective and purpose of Life. Currently, I believe Life's objective is growth (or evolution) and It's purpose is to experience greater and greater degrees of happiness. Let's... Continue reading
Posted Mar 25, 2014 at Universal Truths
Lol! So glad there's no like button now Anthea... Thanks for your comment :) I'll keep them coming. Good for you too hey Leish!?! Thanks very much for the feedback beautiful!!
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This week was my first week in a new role with the company I’m currently engaged with. It was an interesting week – they all are – only different. To mark the first week of this new season, I thought I would capture what I currently LOVE about this part of my life (role) and what cultural change and performance concepts I applied, practised and considered further… Loves Meeting new and interesting people. Engaging with and experiencing existing colleagues/friends in deeper, more wonderous ways. Bringing new information and topics of discussion home. Making new online connections. Learning about, and experiencing,... Continue reading
Posted Jan 25, 2014 at Universal Truths
Keys to a Better Life In late November 2o12 I blogged about Work Blueprints and towards the end I wrote, “Today and every day is now the next step towards becoming and experiencing myself as a company cultural change agent…” Two weeks ago, the Senior Executive I support invited me to become the next greatest version of myself. The role I was invited to fill is, and I quote, “a cultural change agent”. My response…I was almost speechless. With hindsight, I’ve observed an internal shift that took place that day, and continues to occur, as my awareness, vitality and enthusiasm... Continue reading
Posted Sep 15, 2013 at Universal Truths
Prior to 2005, I thought there was only one way to be spiritual and that was to have a relationship with God…the Catholic way. These days God or spirituality is a subject I contemplate to a great extent everyday, and on some days more than others. During the weekend of 17 & 18 March 2o13, I contemplated it even more because it was my spiritual grandson's Catholic Christening on the Sunday. Once upon a time my Spiritual Blueprint told me that if we weren't baptised then God didn't know about us, and if God didn't know about us, and we... Continue reading
Posted Mar 21, 2013 at Universal Truths
Part 2 of 2 7 Relationship Blueprint Updates Writing these Relationship Blueprints has again caused me to consider some of the key concepts that Anthony & I tested and implemented as a couple in business, that had and continue to have a profound impact in moving us, our relationship, and our affairs from contraction and undesirable conditions toward joy and ever increasing expansion. Listed are 7 powerful Relationship Blueprint Updates that you may wish to consider and test. As with all change, these too take a degree of practice before a return on investment yields lasting results. This, we are... Continue reading
Posted Dec 30, 2012 at Universal Truths