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All My Life In All I Do, Soli Deo Gloria
Plano, TX
Writing is how I regain my sanity, and where I often find my peace.
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please note, we've moved to a NEW HOME with a more fitting new name: look for new content next week. Thanks for following my musings! Continue reading
Posted Oct 2, 2013 at Make The Body Follow
Having been my mother’s child for…well…all my life, I know what to say and do to get her undivided attention. And being the middle child for the last 33 years of my life, I have time tested knowledge of how to gain both parents’ attention. Likewise, as He who created... Continue reading
In my conscious memory, I cannot harvest one time where I've ever bid adieu to a year without regrets. Tonight as we let go of what was and look forward to what shall be, I let go with no regrets. None. As a matter of fact, I lovingly enclose all... Continue reading
On November 7th, 2000, a very long quiet, uncomfortable, emotional journey began for me. As a member of the home office of the Bush for President campaign, a small knit group of about 150 folks, we began the journey now referred to as ‘the recount’. It was quiet, uncomfortable and... Continue reading
On August 1, 2012 one event set into motion a colossal shaking, destroying and rebuilding of my spiritual life. You, faithful reader have been privy to much of the struggle, the victories, the tears, the ‘aha moments’, the fruits, and the changes that were precipitated by that colossal shaking. As... Continue reading
This past weekend, I put a period on a six-year long chapter of my life. It was difficult and I'd struggled with finalizing this decision for the lion-share of the last six months. However, through a non-fantastical experience, God spoke loud enough and clear enough for me to firm the... Continue reading
Lots of neat stuff has been happening in my life over the last few weeks. Some directional changes, friendship changes, some positive shifting. Me and God aren't in a one-sided argument (one sided because I'm the only one arguing), I'm not pouting or throwing any spiritual temper tantrums. For right... Continue reading
Yesterday, I texted a picture of a pricey article of clothing that I was in love with and really really really really really wanted to my mom. And simply said: NEED. Her response: whatever. I told her to ask daddy, for he wouldn't say 'no' to his favorite (and only)... Continue reading
Recently a friend had surgery. I volunteered to drive her to the hospital and she asked if I would stay until after she woke up from surgery so she would not wake up alone. I agreed. Over the ensuing days after she asked and before her surgery, she shared bits... Continue reading
As the days grow shorter, I find myself rushing out of work sooner in a bid to get solid mileage in before dark. Despite the fact my bike has reflective gear, blinky lights and I make myself as visible as possible, I still don't trust drivers to see me the... Continue reading
Last night at 6:05 PM, I left my third floor apartment for a quick brick workout. At approximately 7:40 PM I returned home from running to find the door leading from my apartment, to my third floor balcony wide open. Knowing that I had not left the door open or... Continue reading
For late September, it was a bit warm. Mid-nineties, cloudless sky. It was Sunday afternoon, church had just ended and a nap, football and completing a project for my boss were on the docket for the afternoon. However, despite my strong desire to head home and commence napping I was... Continue reading
It hasn’t ever been a true dream or goal. The doors that I’ve knocked on to find an audience for my passions, were not doors that I thought would open to this the journey I’ve begun. I’ve thought about it from time to time, but never pursued it, never took... Continue reading
Lately God has whispered things to my heart and then used randomness to enforce His message. Through a gradual process I've been nudged toward the idea of giving of the whole self to lift up and encourage others. This past weekend while I was in the Northeast, I spent time... Continue reading
Real late posting tonight. I have been captured by the responsibilities of the real world and the musings in my mind, while not at all silenced, have had to take a bit of a back seat. The good news is that God continues to work in my world, building a... Continue reading
What I've been singing for the last two days...what my soul has been marinating in. A heart that has been healed, a soul that has been redeemed cannot help but sing to her Redeemer, "You saved me and I will be forever Yours. You made me free to be forever... Continue reading
I LOVE triathlons, in my mind, it’s the great equalizer. Over the past nine months since entering multi-sport, I’ve talked to people who’ve competed at the professional level, weekend warriors, and those that, like me, participate for the adventure and challenge. The one thing that I’ve been told over and... Continue reading
Tomorrow I will board a plane bound for Boston. Friday, at 4:15 AM, me and my sleepy team will hop into 2 vans and make our way to the top of Cannon Mountain in New Hampshire to begin the 200 plus mile trek down the mountain to Hampton Beach, NH.... Continue reading
My summer was filled with lots of fun stuff, traveling and hanging out in some pretty awesome AC. It was not however, filled with dedicated training. Which made my approach to yesterday’s triathlon a more laid back one. I wasn’t expecting anything grand, I just wanted to finish. When it... Continue reading
The name of the class is Women in Leadership Development, and I’m in it this Fall. One portion of our first homework assignment was to pray about what our passion was and write it down and turn it in next week. We’re not supposed to write about what we like... Continue reading
From the Pentagon on the shores of the Potomac to the twin towers, to a field in the Pennsylvania countryside, I will never forget. Continue reading
I slowly turned my head to the left opening one eye to stare out the window at the historical city I’d never visited before. The landing gear locking itself in place had awaken me from my Dramamine induced slumber. What I saw, was not a city, I saw water, LOTS... Continue reading
I’ve spent much of the last month in ‘healing’ mode. Clearing emotional cobwebs, dusting off and polishing long forgotten inner strength and fortitude. It’s been an interesting month one that was full of major change, affirmation and tangible directional realignments, a month of upheaval in every sense of the word.... Continue reading
“The Great Mississippi and Missouri Rivers Flood of 1993 occurred in the American Midwest, along the Mississippi and Missouri rivers and their tributaries from April to October 1993. The flood was among the most costly and devastating to ever occur in the United States, with $15-$20 billion in damages. The... Continue reading
Over the last couple of days I’ve been a bit weepy…who are we kidding, I’ve been A LOT weepy!!! But it’s to be expected, I’m a chick and every once in a while (read: "approximately every four weeks or so") we get weepy and moody. It’s one of the awesome... Continue reading