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INSANITY? Give Walgreens and CVS the only narcotics to prescribe? The price has tripled in two years and they never carry them any way. Only small mom and pop drugstores carry supply and cater to the permanently infirm as when AID crisis hit the fan. Those whom need the pain management are paying for the rest. Small business should not be punished becuase Walgreens and CVS supported Gov. Scott Only small pharmacies will order a supply three weeks in advance for a regular client. The big chains could care less. NOTE> You eliminate the pain clinics you open up the flood gates to Heroin and fund the Mexican Cartels and Taliban. Those in pain will find a solution and if there is no legal solution they will take the next best alternative. They will not wake up the next day with out pain but if you think the mortality rates are high now. Wait till they are all in Overtown or Opalocka buying smack.
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Nov 11, 2010