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I guess I shouldn't be surprised by these dopey comments, but seriously, folks, lighten up with the "Amy Stewart is perpetuating the reefer madness myth" nonsense. She didn't make pot illegal and she didn't ask for some jerk to put her address on his/her shipment. A simple call to the growers? Uh, right. How would she know who they are? Besides, what does she owe this anonymous grower, who obviously didn't think twice about implicating her business in a federal crime? Like it or not, shipping marijuana to Texas is still illegal. While I personally believe there are many excellent reasons to legalize pot, Ms. Stewart's article has nothing whatsoever to do with that issue. I didn't detect even a hint of sabre (or sable) rattling in the piece and it's beyond absurd to state that Stewart "forces our country and local governments to treat use like a criminal activity." She acted like a responsible business owner and wrote an amusing piece about it. I, for one, applaud her.
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Nov 15, 2010