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After scouring every store in the mall, Wil realized that he already had the best present for everyone on his list...the deliciously perfect 7-Smurf Soup recipe. He gleefully clutched the necessary ingredients and headed to the checkout. Now to find the perfect blueberry Chianti to complement the soup...
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As my husband was taught by his step-father..."Steps are what you put in front of your house, not in front of your children." All kids that have passed thru our house over the years have been treated as if they were mine...because they were-at least for a time. Biology doesn't matter-love does. The only reason I ever introduced my 16 year old step-daughter as a step, was because no one ever believed her to be mine-I may be in my 30's but everyone always says I look in my 20's-so only looking 6 years older, makes the parental role a bit hard to swallow. But then again, I can rock the 'mom' tone with the inclusion of her full middle name-so it all works out. heck the 'mom' tone helps me at work too... ;D Keep up the weirdness...that's how you know you're doing the parent thing right...
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Wil-I try to do something I enjoy each day, too. But most of my favorite activities are creative...Let's see...ummm- I crochet, bake[I have made a DeLorean out of cake], write poetry and short stories, etch glass, make jewelry(sometimes out of vintage pieces, or items not meant to be jewelry, such as Christmas ornaments, or the colored wire from inside USB cables and phone cord), I design/create custom price tags for some of my friends, I decorate the boxes that I put the jewelry I make into before I send it, and a few thousand other crafty things-just to make sure I don't go batty. The Pisces psyche is prone to flitting around creatively, if I only have one project going then I get bored/depressed. And all of that is on top of my day job(middle management at an office supply store) and finishing my bachelors degree. Keep up the chain and don't forget-sometimes figuring out how to reach the last roll of toilet paper from the toilet-can be considered a creative endeavor{depending on how you do it!} Sorry for the rambling-but I did work today and then right as I was going to go to bed, stupidly checked my twitter...and then your blog, and my email, and next thing I know it's almost 5 am. and I am rambling about my life to someone I have saved on my DVR["The Two Live Crew Job" Leverage] love the Kobayashi Maru line...anyway I digress again...goodnight before I make a bigger fool of myself..
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Dec 2, 2010