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Dr. Trester
1601 Eastman Ave., Suite 105, Ventura, CA 93003
Interests: family, surfing, reading, running, cooking, writing, all things dental
Recent Activity
February 22, 2013 John Greenwood: George Washington’s Dentist About this time of year I frequently get questions about George Washington’s teeth. It seems that it is well known that later in his life he had lost his teeth and wore dentures, and many patients are curious about this. Here is... Continue reading
Dr. Trester was happy to be informed yesterday that, a national rankings company, has rated Dr. Trester #1 (“A” rated) of 396 dentists in Ventura County, and 25th out of 116,942 dentists nationally. Their ranking allows patients to compare “apples to apples” when comparing fees, travel time, etc. for different dentists or different dental procedures. Continue reading
Every summer Chef Jeff hosts a staff appreciation gourmet dinner. This was last summer's menu. Continue reading
Dr. Trester attended a two day meeting of the L.D. Pankey Institute Study Club of Southern California also affectionately known among its members as the Flat Forehead Society. The guest speaker on Friday was Dr. William Hang an orthodontist from Westlake, California. Dr. Hang talked about his research in Bioblock... Continue reading
Did you know that a bad bite can be the cause of neck, back, shoulder, chest, head pain as well as jaw, ear, and tooth pain? This is because all the bones in the body, and their attached muscles, are directly or indirectly attached to one another. Continue reading
We have begun to offer Invisalign, a form of almost invisible orthodontics. Prior to involvement with Invisalign, we were doing limited traditional orthodontics on selected cases. Dr. Trester studied over several years with the American Dental Institute as well as receiving orthodontic training over a two year period as part... Continue reading
The FDA has warned that Spinbrushes, made by Arm and Hammer or Crest, can be a choking hazard and cause injuries to the teeth and face. Continue reading
We promoted the office at our bank, Santa Barbara Bank and Trust a while ago. These were the two lucky winners of a big basket of goodies. Continue reading
Roberto Ambula was the happy winner last November of our drawing to win brunch for two at the Santa Barbara Four Seasons Biltmore in Montecito last November. Continue reading
Dr. Trester presents Mr. Don Aguirre with the Keurig Coffee Maker that he won. All Don had to do was leave us his email address so we could remind him about his appointments and other important things via email. Continue reading
Dr. Trester is happy to announce his membership to the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. Continue reading
Recent research points to a cause and effect relationship between gum disease and heart disease and stroke. Continue reading
Should you be concerned about germs on your toothbrush after your recover from an illness? Continue reading
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Nov 25, 2010