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two kids, a big yard, and a closet full of art supplies.
Interests: art, motherhood, nature, baking, fashion, the weirdos of the sea
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we love the Mr. Tiger book too! (actually I think I liked it even more than the kids.... :) ) Also, our library has Fishing in the Air as an audio CD / book combination, which is really neat and was a fun change of pace for us.
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Jill, thank you! That means a lot.
Toggle Commented 6 days ago on mistakes & instincts at white picket fence
ugh. I have tried and failed on this goal so many times! maybe i should look into buying one of those habit books.
this was so great to read! I don't think my life with kids would work without Martin and Chris Kratt. :)
ah!! this is super fun and truly unique (sometimes a hard thing to find in the art journalling world!) I look forward to giving it a try sometime.
I'm working on the post today! You will love the HighLine, it was one of our favorite places!
Toggle Commented Aug 4, 2014 on love nyc at white picket fence
we spend a lot of time in that aisle too. I think it's where most of my son's math lessons occur. "well, see, that says 29.99 and you only have ten dollars in your piggy bank...."
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ha! love that idea of using the little bits of "mess" from your table in your layouts. what a great little book. the 4x4 size always works so well I think.
Toggle Commented Jul 2, 2014 on capture your summer at the moments in between
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haha, maybe it's a good thing I never wrote any zines in my late teens and early twenties, I'm sure they'd be excruciatingly embarrassing to me now. :)
Thanks Lauren! I'm so glad to hear the package made it's way to you safely & quickly!
Hmmm, interesting idea Julia! I'll have to think about that.
hey! I'm so glad my blog post could inspire such a great layout. funny story: I had seen that one on pinterest the other day and thought, ooh, I should try something like that! mutual inspiration I guess. ;)
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books! here are a few suggestions from me. "Coming Clean" by Kimberly Rae Miller, which is a memoir of a woman who grew up with hoarder parents. totally fascinating and also kind of makes you want to clean your house. :) "Flight Behavior" by Barbara Kingsolver; she's an author I always enjoy and this book was pretty good, not her best, but an enjoyable read (I won't say more about the plot because I don't want to ruin anything). I'll send that one to you if you want to borrow it!
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Julia, I have to say, it was really liberating to cut something up... I've done it a few times since then too! The results aren't always as great as this one turned out to be, but at least it's forward progress on something.
hey! i feel like it's time for me to come out of blog lurking. I've read your blog off and on for years and have always adored your designs. i have a son entering kindergarten in the fall, and I kept seeing this name in school PTA stuff that seemed so familiar... "hillary lang, where do I know her from?" then I realized it's YOU! I meant to introduce myself at the kindergarten meeting earlier this week, but didn't get a chance. (though I did appreciate the nice design of the PTA flyer, I can always tell when something like that isn't just done by a school secretary or someone with MS word. ;) ) ps, I was just at Adams park today and it's already losing some of it's springy-ness. i totally get that feeling about spring, too.
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hello Jen! thanks for your comments. and thanks for the podcast recommendation, I love listening to them while I work and I hadn't heard of that one before.
Toggle Commented May 14, 2014 on bookstack at white picket fence
you win the best commenter award! thanks for always having something sweet to say.
thanks Julia!
Toggle Commented May 3, 2014 on i MAY start to blog again. at white picket fence
thanks Sara! observations of my suburban environment are mostly just funny things I've heard while eavesdropping at starbucks and the gym. ;)
Toggle Commented May 2, 2014 on i MAY start to blog again. at white picket fence
thanks my friend! i know life with kids is crazy, but we should try to get together sometime!
Toggle Commented May 2, 2014 on i MAY start to blog again. at white picket fence
Emma, thanks for the earnest & heartfelt post. There's a lot of wisdom in those four lessons. xo.
Toggle Commented Feb 20, 2014 on On Changing Dreams at A Beautiful Mess
this almost made me cry. so thoughtful, so sincere. THESE are all the things people need, not blankets and expensive frilly outfits your baby will end up wearing once and then spitting up all over & ruining forever. and ESPECIALLY the thing about cleaning up without asking. that's the best.
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that is awesome! i will definitely submit to it. thanks for the heads up!