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Cheryl Collins
Red Lodge, Suffolk, England
A pioneer priest who can't stop reading
Interests: reading, making textile art, art in general,
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What a lovely day you had, and Fran would be the perfect companion. I must say the idea of being warmly and efficiently organised by her is delightful to me. I never knew about the Memorial to heroic self-sacrifice, what a lovely idea and beautifully executed.
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Thank you for the lovely pictures which brought back happy memories of enjoying those views in the Summer. Today I drove over to Ely on a clear, blue day with the sky going right down to the ground, already the hazy soft green of early Spring. A very different kind of beauty gladdened my East Anglian heart, and the ship of the fens loomed in romanesque splendour over the landscape it sits at the heart of. Over lunch my artist friend Mel and I talked of floods and fleeing to the churches on higher ground and I thought of The Nine Tailors, a favourite evocation of our landscape.
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I'm a late Dickens convert, my father and uncle loved Dickens and I tried and was bored by Mr. Pickwick fairly early on. The first Dickens I loved was 'Our mutual friend', follwed by 'Bleak House' and 'Hard Times' and as I enter my fiftieth year I find my youthful enthusiasm for the long interior monologues of Dostoyevsky has been replaced by an appreciation of Dickens and his thumbnail sketches of character ( and both of them are a bit lacking in their understanding of female characters!).
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I second Kathleen Norris and the comment about Acedia and me. And a Happy New Year to everyone.
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well, the first book I finished in 2012 was Westwood by Stella Gibbons and I've been really impressed by it which is why I am up so late/early, so much more mature than my much loved CCF- so how about some more Stella. I found a lot there are available just on kindle so you could take them for travelling.
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Today was Downton fest day for me as I don't have a TV my colleague and I had agreed some post-Christmas relaxation at her house where she had kindly saved it to her HD ( at least I think that's what she did!). I thoroughly enjoyed it though was sad it didn't reach quite the ridiculous soap opera heights of the season 2 finale where every time we said 'Surely x can't happen' it did. I love it for what it is. Pauline is very into Great Expectations but I am saving that for later, maybe when it comes out on DVD which it surely will.
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Hi Erika, Sorry it has taken me so long to reply. I gave up on Booker longlist but wasnt impressed by what the shortlist revealed yesterday. Im feeling desperate for some time to read what i like but have several duty reads first.
What a fascinating book that sounds. I must admit to feeling a bit overwhelmed with reading to order at the moment. I decided to read the Booker longlist but have now got exhausted after 7 books. Although I think that The sense of an ending is indeed the best of those I have read, I do hope that at some point you will find time for A cupboard full of coats which is very different of course but has got a place on my personal shortlist- but I'm not prescribing... I'm still feeling prescribed for with 2 for our book club in early September, one for my theology book club and three to review for our diocesan magazine not to mention feeling guilty about Edward Thomas, I also suffer from the need to finish books so I can tick them off so am reading The Compassionate Mind at the moment since I started it after coming back from Devon.
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Congratulations, obviously this is your year for competition success. I certainly can't imagine anything more beautiful than the tinker's tapestry and I loved the colourwash quilt. Believe me it was as good as things at this years Festival of Quilts which I was at yesterday- a good time for the quilt obsessive but exhibitions not up to some previous years, though I think you would have loved, as I did, a wonderful exhibition of Japanese quilts- like Japanese art dome in scraps of old kimono quilt and all meticulously done.
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I confess I had real problems with this book. Once I worked out where the book was going which was fairly early on I found it really upsetting to read. I have two beloved god-daughters the same age as Jessie Lamb and I know how I would feel if they... Continue reading
Posted Aug 12, 2011 at revcherylreads
Ooo, you temptress! Of course I went and looked on the site because I have so much spare time...I was terribly tempted by the days of creation and thought they could really really count as work related in my case, ideal to bring out as a visual aid when you are telling children the story ( and I do stress to children that this is a story, not history). However, what's the point of buying one, you obviously need all six and I really couldn't justify that. I think the cushion will be an ideal way to remember Rocky except I'm sure there was no danger of him being forgotten by all of you- a lovely memorial though. I'm more than half way through the Booker list now, and am enjoying it. I have one I love which the forum is sniffy about ( quelle surprise, and they wonder why no one joins it), enjoying the others and finding good things in them but not sure about greatness if you see what I mean.
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Sebastian Barry is another writer who has received a lot of praise in the last few years and whom I hadn't got round to reading till now. I was entranced by this book while I was reading it, the language is rich and poetic, poetry being used here to reveal... Continue reading
Posted Aug 10, 2011 at revcherylreads
This is my first Alan Hollingshurst novel and from what I've read some people love it and some people hate it. I can see where both groups are coming from. Interestingly, at the Port Eliot Festival I got the sense that Hollingshurst was the writer's writer as nearly all the... Continue reading
Posted Aug 10, 2011 at revcherylreads
Pierre has expressed his love for Natasha earlier in the novel, but in a very private hopeless way because he is still bound then to Helene. We also see them as close during the period after Natasha's disgrace.
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You've ended your piece with my favourite quotation ever, although in the translation I have it's ' We think that when we have been thrust out of our old ruts all is over, but on the contrary it is only then that the new and the good can begin.' It has been a kind of motto for me since I first read the book in the 70's. I'm so glad that through this year others have ben able to share my great love for this book. In the midst of Bookerthon reading although I'm enjoying myself greatly I'm finding nothing to compare to this either in breadth or depth. Although I see where Jean is coming from in the points she makes above somehow I forgive Natasha, although Maria remains my favourite female character. On Tolstoy and Christianity I do know that he wanted to take much of the gospels more seriously than the church of his day which led to him being excommunicated. Unfortunately he did not seem to become more Christlike in his personal relations. Predictably, I agree that if we really turned to Christ and allowed ourselves to be transformed the world would be a different and better place, but most of us who aspire to be followers of Christ are still stuck wrestling with ourselves. I think Ghandi said he was all for Christianity but he'd never met a Christian!
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I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. D.J Taylor shows a sure hand in weaving his mutiple plots together and in painting a picture of ~Victorian London which never seems anachronistic or overdone. That said I felt that this novel lacked the kind of depth I expect from a Booker shortlist book.... Continue reading
Posted Aug 6, 2011 at revcherylreads
' You don't get it, do you? You never did, and you never will.' This refrain, addressed to the narrator of our story, Tony Webster, echoes and is repeated through the book. At the end of this beautifully written and rich read I felt the same about some plot points-... Continue reading
Posted Aug 5, 2011 at revcherylreads
Another book I might not have read except for the Booker. It was good, but for me, not as engrossing as A cupboard full of coats. There were times during my reading when I didn't feel any great compulsion to finish it. I'm glad I did though. I'm not sure... Continue reading
Posted Aug 2, 2011 at revcherylreads
I sometimes feel my reasons for liking or not liking a book are rather shallow- basically if I am drawn into the world of the book so that the characters become real people in my mind then it is a winner. Perhaps that's not a totally lame criterion, after all... Continue reading
Posted Jul 31, 2011 at revcherylreads
I wasn't lying when I said book buying was a bit of an addiction with me. The last few months have seen total failure on my new reading project. My reasons are good-honest. But so far I'd have to admit to buying more not less books. Why? 1) Preparing for... Continue reading
Posted Jul 31, 2011 at revcherylreads
Of course, jsut realised your blog address is on your email, I have obviously relaxed too well....
Toggle Commented Jul 30, 2011 on A new reading project at revcherylreads
Hi Janice, thanks for coming by, it was great to meet you too. Can you give me your blog name again, couldnt find it on first attempt. I must admit I envy you the time for art, but Ive had the rest of this week off so been for a spa day and lots of pottering. Now about to start on some Booker reading. Having had shelf sort I have now re-filled with some recommendations from PE etc. I have so many reading trails, and I never complete one before the next overtakes it.
Toggle Commented Jul 30, 2011 on A new reading project at revcherylreads
Thanks for commenting Min, yes, for me the book didnt have quite enough heart. I must try The Idiot, Ive been rather put off after a re-reading of The Bros K, meanwhile Ive been part of the dovegreyreader online book group to re-read WP which remains my favourite novel of all time.
Yes, reading trails was another reason Im trying to moderate the book buying as I have several trails on the to be read shelves, then I get distracted by something new and shiny.... Having said that I managed to buy both May and Junes book when I visited Toppings, the graveyard of my good intentions. To the River by Olivia Laing and Touch by Alexi Zentner. I still want to plan a Hare with Amber Eyes trail but have the Romantic Moderns books I bought and some Roth for my big beasts reading.
Toggle Commented May 31, 2011 on The bookshop of my dreams at revcherylreads
Thanks for your comment Heather, I love buying poetry books too.
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