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Serious Photographers always assume that the public is riding on the coattails of “real photographers” and that somehow serious photography should dictate the evolution of product. Aside from Leica, mass market consumption pays the way in small format (35mm and smaller). The history of small format photography is littered with quality “professional” products that were not sustainable due to lack of broad consumer base: Contax, Alpa, and many more…... With full frame DSLR looking to be the “new medium format”, I am amazed that Phase/Mamiya and Hasselblad are still apparently viable……umm…maybe they are the “new large format”!? I hope the Asian market (I am told it is Asia where mirrorless is taking off) keeps spending on mirrorless, thus justifying further R&D and more products. Mirrorless – m3/4, Sony NEX, and others – may be poised to become the “new high-end” for quality consumer/prosumer photography: with APS-C DSLR/SLT, based on recent advancements (7D, K5, D7000), becoming the “new Full Frame”. Proceeding on with my opinionated narrative…….P&S is the mainstream now and a quality P&S can print exceptionally well now ( Sooner than later the ubiquitous hand-held device of choice – Cell, Tablet, whatever – will be the device that documents our daily lives; causing a reduction in many markets, not just specifically P&S. Both Sony and Panasonic are gearing up to promote their brands and insert their technology – Lumix and Alpha/Sony – in hand held devices. Just my opinionated 2Cents :-)
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Jan 12, 2011