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Manny, Good job, man. You have left the Sentinel in the dust. Is he on vacation? He has the same article about the UM Clemson basketball game up. I, and all Canes, are depending on you to keep us updated. Right now we are bleeding. Please shed some light on this new hire soon. Manny 2 Other 0
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The issue is not only that he has been unproductive as an OC. He is from our in state rival. Haven't we learned anything from the Hill situation? Later, after being exposed to our recruiting base, who is to say that Florida won't hire him too, even in a different capacity, and further their desire to penetrate this area? They certainly have the resources. A better hire would have been someone who has demonstrated more productivity as an OC and not a graduate of one of our in state rivals.
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Wow! I am in shock. How will this help in recruiting going up against Wise at Florida and Fisher at FSU? He is going to have a hard time selling it. Golden is asking Cane Nation for a lot of trust on this one. I sincerely hope he is up to the OC job or we are going to be in a lot of trouble.
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Jan 13, 2011