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"News" networks such as CNN refuse to get it. They absolutely refuse to get it. Their partisan slant and unwillingness to present the truth follow them in everything they do, dragged along like a ball and chain; they haul their insipid misdirected agenda behind them like a pile of rotting manure. If they really want ratings, it's quite simple: present real news. If they really want ratings -- oh, gee, I don't know ... do some expository journalism, provide some fact-based analysus, report on the corruption in Washington regardless of what party is in power, dispense with the stupid puerile gossip-column garbage and quit with the the blatant condescension and pretension. Dig around and present information -- what a concept! Enough with the propagandist intelligence-insulting pap. If you're gonna have a pundit or something who's supposed to be opinionated, try someone who's not the same trite brand of socialist hack or who's not some effete supercilious British smart-aleck with his head up you-know-where. But they won't. The liberal media will continue being the liberal media and will continue to reward hopelessly partisan and/or intellectually dishonest and/or just-plain-boring, arrogant, sub-sophomoric, aspire-to-mediocrity front-men and front-women -- look who we've been subjected to: Couric, Williams, Wah-wah, Matthews, Maddow, etc., etc., ad nauseam -- and now they think Piers Morgan is the answer???! And they'll continue to scratch their heads and try to "rejuvenate" their ratings and "reinvent" themselves while pushing the same, tired, stale, overexposed, nauseating BS.
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Jan 28, 2011