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This brought a tear to my eye. It is amazing how sometimes I get so frustrated with my life and get angry and surly and then realize that it is because I am lacking interaction with the people I care for. My D&D group hasn't met up in close to six months and I miss the dynamic of the characters and those that play them. Here are a few quotes from previous games that'll hopefully make you laugh. From WoD: Vampire "Everyone's falling on me with their claws out." "It's like dating Edward Scissorhands!!" Renee and Ali "He's all about instant gratification." "YES! He wants to be shot... RIGHT NOW!" Renee and Ali "Does your character have striking looks?" "She doesn't, but she'll strike you until you think she's pretty." Mel and Ali "You see a man staring lustfully at him and he's daydreaming." "Add sparkles and you've got TWILIGHT." Mel and Ali From D&D "I'm gonna throw one of the concubines at the guard." "What's the range increment on a bitch?" JonB and Drew Serenity "'Does this smell like atmo?' And then I hit the airlock." Ali There are so many more. I actually write down the funny things my friends say and put them up monthly on my website.
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Feb 1, 2011