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i didnt watch the game but I thought we lost in regular time. I know we have stamina issues. since it is an OT loss. I am thinking C's are not mentally down. That is the most important thing to win 3 in a row. If you can deal miami a mental blow you can win it. Call me crazy I still think C's can do it. This celtic team can do it. After all rondo was no body when big 3 came. Garnett has to click. that is very important.
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i agree that celtics dominated 1st quarter. they are the best but they just need to believe in themselves which they are not at the moment. 2009 magic went to finals got blown out 4-1. lebron's cleveland went to finals and spurs swept them. it is the celtics that took lakers to 7 games also kicked them in 2008. celtics lost game 7 because they did not believe what they are capable of.
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but blake could have infected opposition members too right ?
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Feb 24, 2011