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Maslow's heirarchy, like most psychological concepts, is based on psychological studies of students of psychology. The idea that psychology students wouldn't be representative of the general population would be obvious to anyone other than a psychologist, but to a psychologist they all seem normal. The search for "self-actualization", as the highest goal, is true only for a set of personality types that represent a fairly small proportion of the population that also happen to represent the majority of psychology students. So when you go asking an ESFJ about "self-actualization" or an INTP about "esteem", their lack of interest does not indicate that they're stuck on lower levels, as Maslow would suggest. It simply means that different people have different values and different goals.
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Given the prevalence of rotundity among geeks, I'd consider Withings new scale as serious contender:
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I'm going to jump on to the end of a fairly old thread to add - getting your monitors off of your desk makes just as much of a difference. I've had two monitors at work, for quite a while. I just the other day set up a second monitor at home. At work, I've one of those long, ell-shaped cubicle desks. At home, I have a 1930's gray steel office desk. With two large monitors, there was far too little desk space. So I stopped by the local computer store and came home with a pair off flat screen wall-mount brackets. The ones I got have a jointed extension arm that lets me position them anywhere from 4-12 inches out from the wall, and provides for considerable lateral adjustment. So now I have them positioned about 8" in from the back of my desk, about where they were before, but with the entire surface of the desk as a usable work area, underneath. The difference is huge. With the monitors hung from the wall, wireless keyboard and mouse, and the computer itself on the floor in the corner, the only piece of computer hardware that is on my desk is my USB Doomsday Device, which serves as a convenient USB hub for my assorted mobile toys. It's been a very long time since I had a clean desk, without unavoidable electronic clutter, to work on.
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Dec 12, 2010