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StyleNectar ~ Living Beautifully thru a Fusion of Holistic LifeStyle, Raw Vegan Food & Art!
Interests: Juliane is an Artist & Founder of where she shares tips on Living Beautifully through Holistic LifeStyle, Raw Food & Fine Art (her commissioned & private collection oil portraits & landscape paintings)
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Midsummer Salad with Fresh Baby "Mozzarella" (Bocconcini) is pure, over-the-top deliciousness! Get ready for the freshest, party-in-your-mouth flavor insanity! Celebrating the stars of summer; sweet, perfectly ripe nectarines, multi-colored cherry tomatoes, golden corn and a punchy garden chive & cilantro vinaigrette whisked with fresh lemon & olive oil - all singing in perfect compliment to the piece de resistance... (continued) Continue reading
Posted 5 days ago at StyleNectar
Every so often, I'll stumble upon a game changer smack dab in the middle of writing a post on the very subject. Today was just one of those moments as I have just completely erased this entire post, to start from scratch after making not one, but two new discoveries! A bit of background... This week's Sprouted Forbidden Rice Salad with Cranberries & Pecans incorporated an amazing and simple sprouting technique I've been excited to share with you for some time. Sprouting or "blooming" rice is a simple and fascinating way to achieve a beautifully soft, fluffy textured rice without ever having to turn on the hot stove! It's a super cool process wherein ... (continued) Continue reading
Posted Jul 11, 2014 at StyleNectar
Fresh Corn Chowder with a Kick is a celebration of summer in a bowl! This simple and delicious recipe takes full advantage of local farmers' markets, currently overflowing with the plumpest, juiciest ears of succulent corn. Golden jewels so honey-sweet and tender they're best fresh off the cob... *PS. Do you spot my napkin (below) on which a vintage letter from Mark Twain is printed? More on this in my personal comments after the recipe below :) Continue reading
Posted Jul 2, 2014 at StyleNectar
Southwestern Cauliflower Couscous is an absolutely delicious, light and lively dish. Fabulously complex in flavor, yet incredibly simple to prepare, this gluten-free delight is everything we're looking for on a hot, summer day! Fluffy cauliflower couscous tossed with bright, red tomato and buttery, lime-green avocado all dressed up in a punchy, sweet Honey-Lime-Cumin vinaigrette. Refreshing. Summery. & Bright! Continue reading
Posted Jun 26, 2014 at StyleNectar
Strawberries-n-Cream Nice-Cream with Raw Fudge Brownie Topping tastes too good to be true. So incredibly delicious on a hot summer day... Sweet, creamy goodness topped with chunks of rich chocolate brownie. How did we get SO lucky?! Continue reading
Posted Jun 18, 2014 at StyleNectar
Please enjoy my most recent commissioned portrait of three darlings... Ah... days of simplicity on a beautiful butterfly nothing else exists but cool, icy treats in the company of siblings, doing our own thing. no explanations of why. nothing to do next. no expectations. just being. wondering if we might all be whisked up, up and away on that gorgeous butterfly in the very next breeze. Continue reading
Posted Jun 10, 2014 at StyleNectar
Enjoy this delicious smoothie recipe complete with yummy superfood toppings!! What's your favorite superfood? Love All, Juliane Thank you for watching :) Please like, comment, subscribe & share! Related articles The Happy Shake Raw Vegan Taco Salad The Lean Green Express Continue reading
Posted Jun 4, 2014 at StyleNectar
Spring Garden tour featuring Organic Wild Edibles, the most beautiful, delicious & nourishing food Mother Nature has to offer. It's almost too easy! And SO fun! Continue reading
Posted May 28, 2014 at StyleNectar
For those of you not already aware, I've been providing Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching to a small number of clients for a little while now. I must preface, due to the level of dedication to each person and highly customized nature of the program, I take on only a limited number of clients at a time. However, since I receive so many inquiries on coaching, I wanted to provide an overview of the options available. These customized plans are tailored to meet your specific needs with all the support to ensure your success along the way. Whether your goal is weight loss, healthier skin, more energy or overall holistic health & wellness improvement, these individually tailored programs can help you achieve that. We work together as a team devoted to your success. This is your chance to have your own personal cheerleader dedicated to helping you be your best, happiest, healthiest self! ... Continue reading
Posted May 15, 2014 at StyleNectar
Raw Vegan Taco Salad is totally to live for! This gorgeous and delicious meal is a veritable cocktail of superfood power. Featuring the most amazing Tex-Mex Taco Meat (just like the real thing but better!) creamy avocado, zesty onion and bright, vibrant veggies atop cool, crisp, mineral-rich greens and an Ultra Creamy Hemp Seed Dressing drizzled all over top... Oh my goodness! You've never had salad like this. Continue reading
Posted May 10, 2014 at StyleNectar
Fresh homemade Almond Milk: the creamiest, freshest milk you've ever had. Originally, I began this post with all the amazing benefits of drinking homemade Nut Milks. However, since I absolutely adore making them for how fabulous they taste - let's lead with flavor! We're talking creamy, richness like you won't believe. And, while the subtle, sweet, mellow flavor of nut milk alone is very satisfying, there is a whole range of sweeteners from dates, honey,... Continue reading
Posted Apr 30, 2014 at StyleNectar
Eating a wide variety of different foods is crucial to a healthy foodstyle to ensure we're getting all the nutrients we require and to guard against overdosing on any one particular nutrient as well - as the saying goes "the medicine is in the dose". One of the ways I add variety to my diet (ok, really I just do this cause I think it's fun) is by shopping at the various specialty markets in our area. I know, I know, eating local has all sorts of great wisdom behind it, so do that too. However, it can be like taking a mini trip into another culture to step into a place that caters to a totally different region of the world. (Shopping the local markets is one of my favorite parts of travelling as well) For example, the Asian market in our area is brimming with huge piles of the most amazing tropical produce - stuff that's totally unavailable in typical grocery stores - from the exotic Dragonfruit featured here, to amazing selections of wild mushrooms, my fav indulgence, creamy, custardy Durian ... Continue reading
Posted Apr 11, 2014 at StyleNectar
The first words that come to mind are, SO GOOD! I'm in love with these Cheesy Steak Fries. They satisfy on so many levels. For starters, they just look fabulous right! And you can't beat their yummy, cheesy coating amped up with the perfect kick of spice. But wait til you bite into the fantastic contrast of their ever-so-sweet interior - crisp & juicy - a beautifully unexpected pairing to their deliciously complex jackets. Satisfying and addictive. Yes, such a combo exists. As in, every time you open the fridge you'll be smiling at that other half of jicama, knowing you'll be turning it into another platter of Cheesy Steak Fries the very next day. What to serve with these cheesy fries? I like them alongside a side salad or this thick, creamy milkshake :) Now those are amazing combos we can feel great about! Continue reading
Posted Mar 27, 2014 at StyleNectar
Transport yourself to the tropics while tantalizing your taste buds with this recipe to stay young, fit & looking your best. It's FAST, simple & super delicious! Plus, lots of additional tricks and tips are included in the video you won't want to miss... All Love, Juliane Continue reading
Posted Mar 18, 2014 at StyleNectar
Just in time for St. Patty's Day! Rich. Creamy. St. Patty's Day decadence... That won't weigh you down the next day! In fact, this jar of deliciousness is an ultimate uplift to our body, mind & spirit. Breakfast, lunch, snack or dessert, Mint Chocolate Chip Supreme is so yummy you'll be making long after St. Patty's Day is over. While your tastebuds revell in crazy deliciousness you can feel even more amazing knowing this sweet treat is actually brimming with the power of ... Continue reading
Posted Mar 12, 2014 at StyleNectar
Light-n-Crispy Chia Crackers are perfection for SO many reasons... Nutritional powerhouse Oh so crunchy, crispy & light Boasting the richest vegetable source of beautifying omega-3's Major calcium power (more calcium by weight than whole milk!) Antioxidant rich (giving chia a shelf life of over 2 years!) Packed with complete protein (all 9 essential amino acids!) Fueling long lasting energy (Chia's slow conversion of carbohydrate in to sugar in the body provides a constant stream of energy) Brimming with cleansing, satiating fiber & Totally customizable to suit your mood! (Get the recipe and customizations here...) Continue reading
Posted Mar 6, 2014 at StyleNectar
Welcome to the second broadcast in my new Podcast Series! As promised, Podcast 2 covers my top 10 tools for helping our bodies to flush out toxicity with ease so that it's not reabsorbed or compounded as we incorporate elements of a cleansing, plant-based lifestyle. These wonderful tools are gifts to give ourselves on a regular basis, throughout life, to round out a nourishing, detoxifying approach to holistic wellness. Much Love, Juliane Continue reading
Posted Feb 28, 2014 at StyleNectar
Creamy Herbed Goat Cheese is a dream! Perfect for entertaining amongst a gorgeous platter of fresh fruit, crudites or crackers. Or, keep it all to yourself for a yummy sandwich spread. I know I always say this, but this pristine yumminess tastes better than dairy-based cheese... hands down better than store-bought vegan varieties also. Rich, creamy & smooth with an irresistable tang and a zing from your favorite herbs and spices! Being vegan just keeps getting better and better. This recipe is so fun to customize too! Swap out the macadamias for pine nuts or raw cashews. Have fun making your cheese into a classic wedge shape, a cheese log or ball. Coat it in your own personalized mixture of favorite herbs or try a chic coating of fresh cracked peppercorn, lemon zest and himalayan sea salt! Making my own raw vegan cultured cheese always feels like quite the accomplishment! Yet, in actuality it's amazing how very simple the process is ... Continue reading
Posted Feb 17, 2014 at StyleNectar
In honor of Valentine's Day I've revived a few StyleNectar favorites to delight in with our loved ones. Four delicious favorites to show your Valentine (and feel free to be your own Valentine) how very special they (and you) are! Just click on the names to link up to each recipe and enjoy! I know, it's difficult to choose between... The Silky-smooth, Sweet-tart richness (think cheesecake baby) of Lemon Bavarois with Rasberry Syrup. A gorgeous, layered Sexy Chocolate Covered Strawberry Shake, which combines the sexy super food maca, known for its aphrodisiacal qualities, with decadent chocolate and luscious strawberries. Or fresh, organic berries topped by a luscious, honey-sweetened mousse via the Triple Berry Parfait with Cashew Cream! Last but not least: the pure, blissful, chocolate decadence of The Happy Shake is sure to please... Of course the best part is not only are these treats fabulously delicious and phenomenal for you, they'll leave you feeling emotionally uplifted, energized, healthy and beautiful! All the pleasure. None of the guilt. Now that's my kind of Valentine's Day indulgence :) Which treat will you make? Thank you for visiting! Like, Comment, Subscribe & Share! Happy Valentine's Day! XX Juliane Continue reading
Posted Feb 12, 2014 at StyleNectar
Welcome to the first of my new Podcast Series! Podcasts are a great way for me to respond to questions and subjects I receive most frequently from you guys so that I can get excellent information out to you quickly. Since I've received many inquiries on this week's topic, the Healing Crisis, I wanted to take this opportunity to explain it in a bit more detail. As we embark upon a detoxifying lifestyle, it's important to be aware of this inevitable stage in healing, and to have some tips on how to survive it. In part 2 I will cover a few additional tools we can use to help ourselves through the detoxification process/healing crisis. Apologies for my test podcast getting emailed out yesterday... that obviously wasn't supposed to happen :) As always, leave your questions and comments below and I'll make sure to respond in detail. How are you doing on your wellness journey? Have you experienced any symptoms of a healing crisis? All Love, Juliane Continue reading
Posted Feb 8, 2014 at StyleNectar
Hello dear friends! I'm back! Please pardon my brief hiatus... things have been very busy here with lots of exciting changes in the air. While it's too soon to share any details yet, at least I can say I've been walking further down my spiritual path, getting closer to what my heart desires... embracing freedom by continuing to let go of my little old- and highly addictive- ego. Speaking of which, ego's unhelpful little voice is yammering at me right now, "What the heck does any of this have to do with Red Bell Pepper Soup?" ... Continue reading
Posted Jan 31, 2014 at StyleNectar
The January Inspiration Wall is up! Feel free to print it out for your fridge, nightstand, cubicle or all three! Sending you wishes for a lifetime of Joy, Happiness and Laughter! All love, Juliane Continue reading
Posted Jan 20, 2014 at StyleNectar
Savory Raw Veggie Stuffing is absolute yumminess! A perfect hardy, cozy winter recipe. You could fool a person into thinking it was cooked if you didn't tell! Boasting a beautiful complexity of flavor, fresh, vibrant color and that oomph of hardy, slightly gooey texture we all love in our holiday stuffing! This fantastic recipe is perfect for a holiday spread, or added as a savory filling to stuffed mushrooms, bell peppers or inside steamed acorn squash or pumpkin! A yummy, healthy dish to accompany your winter suppers. Continue reading
Posted Jan 16, 2014 at StyleNectar
I am in love with plant based Living Foods! SO fresh. So clean. So flavorful. Not to mention energizing, beautifying & healing... they taste better than traditional cooked fare! I really feel it's what nature intended for our nourishment. French Hazelnut Pumpkin Pie with "whipped cream" is no exception - this coming from a girl who always disliked hated pumpkin pie - that is until 6 years ago, when I discovered an amazing French recipe for cooked Hazelnut Pumpkin Pie. Of course, now that I follow a 100% Raw Vegan foodstyle (because it tastes and makes me feel so amazing!) I had to figure out a way to upgrade that French recipe to a delicious, enzyme rich, Living Foods version. And here it is... Continue reading
Posted Jan 6, 2014 at StyleNectar
My first Raw Vegan Christmas was a great success (if I do say so myself). We enjoyed a beautiful, comforting and delicious feast that left us feeling wonderfully nourished and uplifted. Here's a peek at our all raw vegan menu: Christmas Dinner 2014 Appetizers: Herbed "Goat" Cheese with Sesame-flax Crackers & fresh Peruvian Olives ~ First Course: Cream of "Roasted" Red Bell Pepper Soup Dinner: Marinated Portobella & Wild Mushrooms Creamy Root Vegetable Mash & Gravy Savory Stuffing Wilted Garlicky Greens Sweet-tart Cranberry Jelly Dessert: Hazlenut Pumpkin Pie with Whipped "Cream" ~ Organic Wine Pairing: Equilateral 2009 by Gabrielle Collection in Napa ... (See more) Continue reading
Posted Dec 29, 2013 at StyleNectar