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StyleNectar ~ Living Beautifully thru a Fusion of Holistic LifeStyle, Raw Vegan Food & Art!
Interests: Juliane is an Artist & Founder of where she shares tips on Living Beautifully via Holistic LifeStyle, Food & Fine Art (her commissioned & private collection oil portraits & landscape paintings)
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It's that most wonderfully festive time of the year! When decadent, richly hued Italian Spumoni cakes layered with pistachio cream, chocolate-hazelnut and cherry ice-cream step out dripping in ganache and festooned like royalty in crisp wafer crowns! Let me tell you, I felt like royalty simply having this gorgeousness lighting up my table... so beautiful it was difficult to slice into. However, once past it's exquisite beauty, a creamy slab of this luscious Spumoni Christmas Gateau is a divine flavor celebration fit for holiday Kings and Queens! Heavenly layers of pistachio cream, chocolate-hazelnut and cherry ice-cream studded with candied fruit, chopped pistachios & hazelnuts galore luxuriously dazzle the tastebuds in ultimate comfort and joy! Continue reading
Posted 1 hour ago at StyleNectar
These festive and rustic Pear Tartelettes with Dark Chocolate & Caramel are so delectable it feels rather a feat to convey in mere words their utmost divinity as nothing can possibly match the exquisite experiece of biting into such a dream! Alas, proceed I must and fortunately, their sheer memory has already made things easier... Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at StyleNectar
I know I've got a hit recipe on my hands when I can't stop eating it during the photo shoot! Every other snap I took I found myself being rewarding with yet another delicious No-Wheat Thin topped with Aged Treenut Cheese and sweet-tart Cranberry Relish on top.... SOOO GOOD! And perfect for holiday entertaining. This little trio is such a rockstar combo- however - these No-Wheat Thins are delicious enough to eat all by themselves, like chips. They even smell amazing! Seriously, their delicious aroma was why my photo shoot took 5 times longer than normal. I couldn't stop eating them as their wafts of pure yumminess kept tantalizing me. I had so much fun popping dozens of little cracker, cheese and cranberry relish bites into my mouth, it's amazing I had any product left to photograph :) Continue reading
Posted Dec 3, 2014 at StyleNectar
Happy Thanksgiving Friends! Bread Pudding Stuffed Pumpkin with Creme Caramel Drizzle is a deliciously sweet treat to serve up to your family and friends during this beautiful season of gratitude! Who doesn't love a moist, rich, fruit studded bread pudding... cooked up and presented in a pumpkin no less! Continue reading
Posted Nov 25, 2014 at StyleNectar
Who's ready for an insanely delicious comfort food recipe that tingles the tastebuds, warms the insides and satisfies our cravings for a rich dish of creamy pasta without all the calories and carbs? Enter this raw vegan (yes, it's deliciously warm) version of one of StyleNectar's most popular dishes ever, Tom Yum Soup. I've been wanting to share this raw vegan twist on this hit recipe for such a long time and after testing it over and over to be sure it was perfect, it's finally here! Spicy Tom Yum Coconut Noodles prove once again that amazing, complex flavor, full-bodied hearty pasta decadence and our highest potential health, happiness and beauty are not mutually exclusive! As I always say, it's easy to prepare delicious food that tastes amazing- however that's not enough for me. If it doesn't make us look and feel as amazing as it tastes, it doesn't make the StyleNectar cut. Continue reading
Posted Nov 19, 2014 at StyleNectar
Nobody loves a creamy, delicious smoothie better than I do. So when Williams-Sonoma invited me to help kick off their upcoming "Smoothie Week" with a couple of my favorite "Not Your Everyday Smoothies" I was super excited! Last week I shared the delectable Chocolate Covered Matcha Smoothie. This week, I thought I'd jazz things up with a wonderfully colorful concoction... (continued) Continue reading
Posted Nov 10, 2014 at StyleNectar
I was absolutely thrilled when Williams-Sonoma invited me to help kick off "Smoothie Week" with my favorite "Not Your Average Smoothie". It was a match made in heaven: an over-the-top, mega delicious, rocket-fuel smoothie and my family's favorite gourmet cookware specialty retailer - all coming together in one fabulous post! So without further ado, I present the delectable... Wild Chocolate Covered Matcha Magic! Continue reading
Posted Nov 3, 2014 at StyleNectar
Oh. my. goodness. These Rustic Raw Vegan Caramel Apples might be the favorite thing I've ever eaten to date... WOW! Like you've got to make these asap. So simple. So incredibly delicious. MMMMMMmmmmmmm. Let's just say I've ALWAYS had a thing for caramel... and this raw vegan version is way yummier! Smear it all over a crisp apple, roll it in your favorite toppings and then drizzle chocolate ganache all over - the ULTIMATE! Forget that these are healthy, they taste BETTER than anything you've ever had. Forget that they're filled with amazing nutrition and life force that is going to make you feel and look phenomenal, cause the pure utter enjoyment in every bite is enough on its own. Crisp, juicy apple wrapped in thick, gooey caramel, with a light crunch of chopped walnuts and dark, dark chocolate ganache... (continued) Continue reading
Posted Oct 29, 2014 at StyleNectar
Mmmm... this warming yumminess is so soothing, delicious and comforting before bed I find myself going to bed earlier just cause I can't wait to make it. This mug of exotic spiced mylk sweetened with a bit of raw honey tingles my tastebuds and warms me inside. Minutes later, tucked into soft jammies and lavender spritzed covers, I'm falling into a deep slumber of fantastical adventures... Continue reading
Posted Oct 22, 2014 at StyleNectar
one of my recent commissioned oil paintings. what can i say. this little guy, who's not so little any more and growing like a weed, is just as inspiring as his sweet sister (see her portrait here). each time i see these kiddos they fill me with happiness, love and light. the piece is in my living room at the moment... lighting up the space just as those dear faces do! i shall have a hard time... (continued) Continue reading
Posted Oct 15, 2014 at StyleNectar
This insanely delicious and beautiful raw vegan Carrot Cake with Lemony Cashew Cream Cheese Frosting is hands down The BEST cake I've ever had... ever, ever, ever. Layers of incredibly fresh, moist, gorgeous cake tucked between the dreamiest luscious lemon cashew cream cheese frosting. Sweet decadence that tastes like food fit for the Gods. The stuff dreams and Birthday's are made of... in fact I made this lovely little creation for my husband's Birthday and... (continued) Continue reading
Posted Oct 8, 2014 at StyleNectar
As I sit here in my mobile office, I am thoroughly enjoying this fabulously delicious Banana Nut Branola alongside my daily thermos of Kusmi BB Detox Green Tea. This raw vegan snack is crispy, sweet and totally decked out with the gorgeous superfood power of Goji's, Dried Apricots, Sprouted Almonds, Pecans, Buckwheat... plus a bit of Golden Flax to make our skin glow and tresses shine! I call it Branola aka Brittle + Granola cause you can either break it into granola or leave it in rustic shaped brittle for no fuss early morning (or any time of day snacking) retrieval :) Continue reading
Posted Oct 1, 2014 at StyleNectar
Cauliflower Popcorn is so addictive I challenge you to make it so far as to get yours into the dehydrator (or oven) for step 2... without eating it all first! This flavorful, smoky, cheesy, sweet-salty indulgence tastes phenomenal tossed up fresh... however, an hour or two in the dehydrator renders it crispy and warm with tantalizing aromas wafting throughout the kitchen so do try to hold out! This raw food yumminess is brimming with powerful life-force, enzymes, phytonutrients and vitamins galore. It's a snack that makes us feel as phenomenal as it... (continued) Continue reading
Posted Sep 24, 2014 at StyleNectar
I've been super excited to share my method for Sauerkraut, and even better in my humble opinion, KIMCHI, for quite some time! Personally, I consider Kimchi to be Saurkrauts amped-up cousin. My methods for making the two are exactly the same with kimchi simply requiring a few additional veggies & spices to provide its gorgeous color and kick of hot, spicy flavor. In fact, I was fascinated to learn both sauerkraut and kimchi are Asian in origin. Although sauerkraut... (continued) Continue reading
Posted Sep 17, 2014 at StyleNectar
I have a simple yet powerful health practice for super white teeth & healthy pink gums. In fact, according to ancient Ayurvedic medicine, my daily ritual provides not only complete oral health, it can assist the body in healing at the root of a great many overall bodily issues. My little secret to a beautiful smile and potentially much more is called Oil Pulling... (continued) Continue reading
Posted Sep 10, 2014 at StyleNectar
Avocado BLT Wraps are so over the top delish it's insane! We're talking when I served them to my friend she couldn't believe it wasn't actual real bacon inside! Loaded with strips of meaty, thick-cut 'bacon' brimming with smoky-sweet-salty deliciousness tucked alongside fresh, juicy heirloom tomato, buttery avocado, crisp green lettuce and a thick creamy hemp mayo - these Avocado BLT's are built to please... (continued) Continue reading
Posted Sep 3, 2014 at StyleNectar
Gee, I've had a bit of a sweet tooth lately haven't I? Hey, knowing these delicious treats are all so incredibly good for me... why not make them all the time! I just love having a little piece of something after dinner or with my tea in the afternoon. Salted Caramel Nut Butter Cups are as heavenly as they look and delicious as they sound. They bring to mind a certain Easter candy whose first name rhymes with Bradbury... chocolate covered ooey-goey sweetness - minus the guilt and with all the glow! Check it out... Continue reading
Posted Aug 27, 2014 at StyleNectar
I'm a meditator :) It's a daily practice for me. Simply start by sitting comfortably for 20 minutes a day watching your breath, noticing the thoughts as they come in, like clouds floating by, no judgement. Just notice them then let them go. Meditation happens to you. Feel free to read this post I wrote on the subject: or watch this video: Much Love, Juliane
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Aug 21, 2014
Who doesn't love the delicious crunch of crispy, battered onion rings?! Get ready for guilt free indulgence with these rings of fire made mega-delish with spicy smoked chipotle and then paired with THE most amazing Creamy Garlic Aioli Dipping Sauce you've ever had... (continued) Continue reading
Posted Aug 20, 2014 at StyleNectar
There's a reason we're drawn to walking barefoot on the beach, plunging our hands into damp soil gardening, or simply falling asleep on the grass... it's why yoga is practiced with bare feet and Qi Gong is practiced outdoors ... and it all has to do with a concept called Earthing, or, Grounding. The Benefits of Earthing Essentially, if you're too busy to read through the forthcoming explanation, go... (continued) Continue reading
Posted Aug 13, 2014 at StyleNectar
I'm not gonna lie, it's practically impossible to not feel guilty eating this divinely luscious Neapolitan Nice-Cream Banana Split with Hot Fudge & Caramel! Our brains are just conditioned to believe anything this utterly delicious can't be good for us. And yet... (continued) Continue reading
Posted Aug 6, 2014 at StyleNectar
Gourmet Raw Dark Chocolate Bark proves once again that delicious treats can and should be amazing for you! This absolutely delicious confection elevates indulgence to a whole new level. Rich, smooth chocolate in it's freshest, most flavorful form packed with your favorite raw, sprouted nuts and divinely sweet dried fruit... hey we've even tossed in some fabulous chia for over-the-top crunch! (continued) Continue reading
Posted Jul 30, 2014 at StyleNectar
If we love, we have and feel love. If we’re kind, we have and feel kindness. Contrary to what conditioning tells us, we only ever have our own experience—people, places, and circumstances truly are irrelevant. Any of it can be icing on the cake, but they’re never the cake! - Cheri Huber Every problem has a gift for you in its hands. - Richard Bach The soul always knows what to do to heal itself.... Continue reading
Posted Jul 23, 2014 at StyleNectar
Midsummer Salad with Fresh Baby "Mozzarella" (Bocconcini) is pure, over-the-top deliciousness! Get ready for the freshest, party-in-your-mouth flavor insanity! Celebrating the stars of summer; sweet, perfectly ripe nectarines, multi-colored cherry tomatoes, golden corn and a punchy garden chive & cilantro vinaigrette whisked with fresh lemon & olive oil - all singing in perfect compliment to the piece de resistance... (continued) Continue reading
Posted Jul 17, 2014 at StyleNectar