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Bill Cowher just quit CBS Noone knows why yet
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if I was Ross I would not fire anyone, I would just run a front page AD telling every one That I was taking apps for HC/GM/ In the paper. I think they would get the picture, Or maybe not?
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Ross needs to go and take Ireland with him!
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SO Thats where all the cap money goes! to Armando never thought you would be bought by a team! sad day,sad day for sure!!!!
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wow This is how this will go down! we keep Ireland and get an OK coach draft some linemen and go 0-8 at the start of the season, Then at the end Ross will grow a set and fire Irelnd and then a great coach will step in , Draft a 1st round QB and we are playoff bound! but not untill the last of that tuna smell is gone! Read more here:
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last week it was sap this week it will be Nolan Carroll.Anyone put money on this one!
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carl peterson is the sole person why none of this has worked. He is in charge and if he lets you work for him you will do as he tells you to do. And so this is why we have no new coach. THANKs CARL
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Jan 7, 2011