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That does sound really hard. A spouses busyness really does become the other's, doesn't it? Maybe you need some regularly scheduled decompress time. Go inbox deletions!
You are a great example of a responsible dog owner! And luckily I think many people are like you. But weirdly some aren't...and I seem to keep encountering them!
Cookies We enjoyed Joy the Baker's browned butter chocolate chip cookies from Kelsey's freezer. They are VERY good. Taking the temperature of your life Everyone needs to take time to step back and reflect on how things are going. We chat about how we each know when things are going... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at Girl Next Door Podcast
On this sexy episode, we take a scintillating look at...home supplies. And yes, this is how we spent our Friday night. But it was worth it; this perplexing category sometimes captures hundreds of dollars of our monthly dollars and we had yet to figure out just exactly what the hell... Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at Matrimoney
Good memory, Amy! And I've added the links you requested :)
Sign up for the Friendlier Reading Experience with the Friendlier podcast! Cocktail We sip on Trader Joe's rhubarb and strawberry soda with Caledonia Spirits Barr Hill Gin. Kelsey's wall calendar and cardinal glasses are by Charley Harper. The Keeper of Lost Things We read and really enjoyed Ruth Hogan's The... Continue reading
Posted Feb 28, 2018 at Girl Next Door Podcast
Join us for our next book club episode when we read The Keeper of Lost Things, airing February 28. Cocktail Ginny Weasley: Barr Hill gin, freshly squeezed orange juice, Iconic Cocktail ginga syrup. Thanks for naming the cocktail, Abby of Friendlier! 6 Things Happy Things Do We each share our... Continue reading
Posted Feb 13, 2018 at Girl Next Door Podcast
Thanks for the note - I've added the book club pick to the top of the show notes! And if you'd like to know even earlier we share our book club picks with our newsletter subscribers first as a little perk for subscribing. Thanks so much for listening!
Oh my gosh - what a memorable wedding day indeed! Glad everything turned out OK! The book club pick and a link is added to the top of the show notes! Thanks!
So glad! Thanks for listening!
Toggle Commented Feb 8, 2018 on episode 53. The year of...spending?? at Matrimoney
On this episode, we reveal a shocking change in our financial focus, but one we think will be good for us, at least for a short time. And, we run through updates to our 2018 budget, where we're tightening and expanding, and what we're hoping to accomplish. In other updates,... Continue reading
Posted Feb 4, 2018 at Matrimoney
Oh gosh YES to Eureka's Castle! I'm remembering a little of it I'll have to look it up online. There was also one with a girl with maybe red hair and a koala bear and sometimes they magically traveled places - ???
Oh my gosh - that sounds horrible! I forgot to mention that I had to have a spinal tap as well. Honestly, that horrible situation and having to have that done was a motivator to have non medicated births and no epidural bc I didn't have good memories of having a spinal tap! It was fine but just because of the situation it was scary.
Great topic! We have 529 accounts for both kids (through state of Arizona) although right now contribute small amounts monthly ($50). We would like to ramp this up in the coming years!
thanks, Brooke! What was key for me is getting things set up really well at first and then making myself check in daily as much as I can for the first few weeks to establish the habit. And try not to feel defeated if you go over budget...think of it as gathering information which you can use to adjust the budget or brainstorm different habits if needed. Good luck!
I love chronological order! :)
That is a lot to manage! Honestly once the Mint categories are set up you could check it to Mint once or twice per week and spend 15 minutes making sure transactions are categorized. Putting in the work up front is key, and then at first categorizing transactions on a computer (not mobile) because you can set rules, like "always treat Trader Joe's as groceries" etc and that really helps automate it. Ideally you get to where Mint knows how to categorize most transactions and you just check in to make sure and change any new ones it didn't get right.
Thanks, Kellie!
Wow that's so awesome Tonya - thank YOU and you are welcome!
Awesome Amy!! for those annual but not necessarily monthly expenses we did find a way in Mint to do an annual budget that would work...but I'm not remembering the specifics. Let me think back and we'll try to share this tip in the future!
Thanks, Sarah!
These are great questions, I'd love to put them in our listener question queue! I think we've touched on these topics in previous episodes but they are great ones and we can definitely chat more and more specifically. We are big advocates of low-stress budget meetings - make it fun with dessert/wine/booze/whatever or even before that just have a fun conversation about life and goals. Getting excited about where you are going in life is a great first step to then say, OK how can we be smart about our money to get to our dreams. Framing it as making your money work for you instead of being beholden to your money can be powerful.
Aw, awesome Kate! Maybe a little low key financial meeting with brownies/wine/beer/whatever will entice him ;)
Thanks, Jenessa!
YES - a financial summit and then starting to track in Mint will be so informative!