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YES and YES!
Toggle Commented 3 hours ago on What I spent: May 2017 at RISING*SHINING
I love it - and that fits you so perfectly!
Haha, you are welcome! And enjoy that Instant Pot! Let me know if you discover any fabulous vegetarian recipes!
We got a tiny bit behind but thank you for this reminder - will get that up soon!
thank you - we have not melted yet! ;) And thanks for the question; will add it to the queue!
Oh shoot - I wonder if trying a different podcast player would help? Like Overcast? But thank you for this game suggestion; sounds right up our alley!
Toggle Commented 3 hours ago on episode 40. Budgeting works, folks! at Matrimoney
Oh! I have not! This sounds similar to my method but just tailored for art work. I will definitely check this out. Thanks!
Toggle Commented 3 hours ago on Managing children's art work at RISING*SHINING
Obviously I love this idea! We have a keepsake box for things like this but honestly we'd look through the items more if they were captured in a book. This might need to be a future project - thanks!
Toggle Commented 3 hours ago on Managing children's art work at RISING*SHINING
So glad you liked it!! And this is a very interesting take; I like that perspective. Thanks so much for joining the book club!
What a great service you did for a friend! I love that you bought something. Some of their art is just so wonderful. I have a watercolor of Dash's framed. For the Blurb book did you have pictures of several on each page? I have loved using Blurb for our family photo books so I'd probably do something similar. Maybe I'll wait and do one for each boy at the end of elementary school so they'll each just have one book - ?
Toggle Commented Jun 14, 2017 on Managing children's art work at RISING*SHINING
I got Apple Cider and love it! Great color but not too bright, good for lipstick newbies :)
Toggle Commented Jun 14, 2017 on What I spent: May 2017 at RISING*SHINING
On our way home from work most weekdays we gain a small pile of artwork and scribbles by way of preschool/daycare. Cedric comes home with a creation or two per week but Dashiell is downright industrious. Each day there are freehand drawings, photocopied coloring sheets full of color, a letter-of-the-week-themed creation, and sometimes something large and folded into thirds. One time it was a truffala tree! Especially as Dashiell starts to express his own creativity and imagination each piece of his work feels precious! But if we start collecting now we will surely need an entire storage unit to house... Continue reading
Posted Jun 14, 2017 at RISING*SHINING
Ohhhhh how scary, and sad! Thank you for telling me this. I will test the bowl I got. I have thought of this for other cookware when I've considered getting something vintage. I'm thinking, "Hmmm, but what is it made of..." had no idea Pyrex would have that. Yikes. But agree - not worth it! Thanks you!
Toggle Commented Jun 12, 2017 on What I spent: May 2017 at RISING*SHINING
haha - have been there!
Toggle Commented Jun 12, 2017 on What I spent: May 2017 at RISING*SHINING
Oh I'm so glad that this is helpful. I think it's easy to start managing money in one way, or maybe not even think too much about it and just do it, and we forget to check back in to see if tweaks would benefit our financial goals. I am all for financial transparency. Doing this monthly accounting has made me feel more accountable and as a result I think I spend less, or at least more intentionally. Good job, and good luck!
Toggle Commented Jun 12, 2017 on What I spent: May 2017 at RISING*SHINING
Hi Daphne! I definitely recognize that many people will think my home is huge! But yes, I agree with you, it's all about perspective. I definitely know that others would think our home was not big enough! So I hope I can speak to that situation. The not truly small house but also not as big as most peoples (given the size of the average American home). Our house doesn't feel small to me but I suppose we try to have a "small house mindset" in some ways, such as not accumulating too much and having rooms being fully functional or multipurpose.
Thank you so much, Nora, this comment means so much to me! Congratulations on your house, what an amazing position you put yourself in to be able to put down 40%! Focusing on just your house and how you want to live, without Pinterest/internet breathing down your neck ;), is critical for creating YOUR ideal home. It is something that must be actively practiced but I know you already have such an intentional mindset. Congrats again, and enjoy making your house home!
Oh, I hear you! And I'm so glad that you connected with this. I have felt similarly. We aren't in the really small house camp. But then also not in the DIY house-beautification camp either. I do love our house and am not trying to say it doesn't look nice but we aren't investing a lot in styling and improvements, and often I really wish that we could! The internet can make you think that you have to be in a " house camp." I know from your blog and IG feed that you are really intentional and those are definitely values that translate to lots of different lifestyles. The more I focus on what I love about our house that works for us the more I love it!
Thanks so much, Jenn! What a sweet comment. :)
Thanks so much, Megan!
Each month, Chris and I budget $100 each to spend as "personal allowance." This includes eating out/coffee/activities we do separately (we have a joint family allowance budget of $100 as well) and purchases are that wants and not needs. To keep ourselves accountable, we use Mint to monitor our spending. As an extra layer of accountability I am sharing what I spent my personal allowance on each month and whether I stayed within budget. This is my fifth month of diligently tracking my spending and being transparent about it. And it feels great! Already this year we have reduced our... Continue reading
Posted Jun 11, 2017 at RISING*SHINING
Thanks so much for reading along, glad you enjoyed the book and discussion!
Yes!! Layout is so important! Perhaps you've already considered it, but would ditching the island be a possibility? I love thinking outside the box in how we can make our home work for us. I've even thought about turning our master bedroom into another common living area! No plans to do so right now but it's a fun thought experiment to realized "hidden" potential in your house.
It is so hard when people do not share or cannot fully understand your values and goals - especially people you really care about and whom you might normally turn to for advice! But it sounds like you know what is best for your family so keep connected to people and resources that will support that! After reading all the other Small Family Home posts I felt even more committed to our house and living simply so I think it will be a great resource for you as well! I bet once your family sees how you are happy and doing well in your new place they will be more supportive. We definitely had friends and family skeptical of our one car family experiment...and here we are 3 years later! Someone even told us, "I wouldn't buy a Prius." Now they see what a reliable car it has been and all the $$$ we've saved on gas.
That sounds like an exciting change! Second bathroom!! And so awesome that it is very comfortable to afford, both the house and mortgage payment will serve you well! I think there are many more people, since the recession, re-evaluating home size, stuff and what it means to be happy.