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I believe Breitbart was assassinated by agents from Iran. I think he was coming close to finding evidence that implicated Iran with 9/11, as well as being involved in the Oklahoma City bombing. Evidence like this would immediately rile up Americans to start a war with Iran. However, several Communists groups are allied with the Islamics so they rely them to do the dirty deeds.
The armies of the Apocalypse are gathering around Israel: Gog (Ahmadinejad) of Magog (Iran), the chief (Putin) of Rosh (Russia), Meshech (North Korea) and Tubal (China), Gomer (Turkey), Togarmah (Syria), Phut (Lybia), and Cush (post-revolution Egypt). Either the biblical prophesies are true or the elites are engineering a similar scenario. All the pieces have been put in place, now all that's left is a catalyst to set the events in motion. One of these two countries will strike first, Israel or Iran, and when that happens all those aforementioned nations will band together with Iran under the excuse of defense and national interest. And it will be America that plays the role of God's army on earth to protect Israel.
This is off-topic but I feel it's important to get your opinion on this after seeing the recent debate. Several commentators and even Santorum have said that both Paul and Romney are working together at some level. This is apparent from their actions in the debates and campaign, where Paul has never really gone after Romney or attacked him like he did at the other two candidates. Many people have said that Paul is doing the dirt work by going after Santorum and Gingrich while Romney picks up the pieces. The rumors are that Romney agreed to have Paul as his VP, or even his son Rand Paul. Another possibility is that they are both personal friends, or have admiration for each other enough to warrant Romney to promise Paul a spot in his cabinet. You support Romney for president, but how would you feel if he brought Paul along to the WH? This could be why some prominent Republicans got into the Santorum bandwagon even though Romney seems much better than him.
Toggle Commented Feb 23, 2012 on "Black Dog" Obama at Half Sigma
Sometimes women just blurt out things without thinking. And the recent racial outbursts are not surprising considering the pent up anger at blacks in the face of liberal social engineering that tells them blacks are the best people in the world. A white guy would never be as upfront as them. They think too much or are too careful/scared.
Toggle Commented Feb 20, 2012 on Jenny Hyun's "racist" tweet at Half Sigma
It was Arabs who bombed us on 9/11. While the dictatorship in Iran is fundamentalist, they can be thrown out like the previous regime and the people will be a whole lot more moderate. Compare that to millions of Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen, and Jordan ready to die for Allah and not to mention their Islamic allies like Pakistan which already have nukes. Which one is the bigger threat to Israel and the West?
Toggle Commented Feb 16, 2012 on Those entertaining Iranians at Half Sigma
The press knows there are social, fiscal, Paleo- and Neo- conservatives. However the truth is quite different. Just like "progressive" is a code word for socialist or softcore communist, "conservative" in its modern political sense simply means a reactionary corporatist. Calling any of the candidates conservative in its real sense would be like painting stripes on a horse and call it a zebra. You are only seeing the illusion. And it is perception that wins elections. Santorum proves the adage that you should never judge a book by its cover. He has shown to be very clever pandering to the core crowd of Republicans. Especially on social matters that causes them to become more emotional, and hence more fervent in their support. He managed to do a lot more in the primaries than Rommey, even without the millions and support of the GOP establishment.
HS is right, there is no conspiracy. Black men are naturally more alpha than white men and can attract women easily. The taboo factor also enhances their allure to white women. With the exception of sports and the military, white guys have been forced to act less like men and magnify their beta qualities. This is part of the course for all advanced nations (ie. Japan - from samurai warriors to herbivore men). Hence there is no need for any sort of cabal to push this agenda.
Toggle Commented Feb 8, 2012 on Romney and caucuses at Half Sigma
HS: Why are you putting so much effort towards Romney? Clearly all the Republicans with the exception of Ron Paul are better than Obama and they all have voiced their full support of Israel. We might have our preferences but too much of the scorched earth tactics between the GOP candidates will be problematic in the long run. My general theory for this election is that many people, even Republicans have internalized the notion that Obama "isn't so bad" in the back of their minds. I haven't heard a truly sincere call from the right as to why we should put all our efforts to defeat Obama. The electorate is desperately looking for someone to inspire them and rally behind. We went from Bachmann, Perry, Gingrich, Romney and now Santorum, and none of them have come close to capturing Reagan, or even Bush level support from the people. Romney got into trouble when the media pounced on his "I don't care about poor people" gaffe. Offsetting any possible coalescence of support toward him. I bet most rational people are thinking the same thing; forget the ideology and party, we need someone with presidential presence to grab those female and uninformed voters away from Obama. Unfortunately, women are still in "love" with Obama. If it's a choice between a successful black man or a successful white man, they are only going to pick based on which of the two excites them sexually the most. How can the Republicans get things right before the election? I believe the answer lies in trying another strategy that focuses on the working class, underemployed and unemployed. Unfortunately for Romney all his business success and popularity with the rich are the what will drive the lower economic group away from the GOP.
Toggle Commented Feb 8, 2012 on Romney and caucuses at Half Sigma
The way people are talking about this topic is as if black people were the only mentally fit ones in the world and the productive races; Jews, whites, and Asians are defunct in some way. I believe most of these theories don't arise in verifiable facts but as a way to manage individual thoughts of insecurity. Something most can agree on is that the primary factor for success is what you are able to serve to the system. You can be a genius like Nikola Tesla and create all the components that were needed to make stuff work, but if you weren't part of the system you would end up having your creations confiscated, patents stolen and die broke. Or you can be moderately geeky with a simple little webpage that catches some popularity. But part of the system (NSA) finds it useful for intelligence gathering purposes, and you end up a billionaire with a movie made about you. Same principle applies to affleets and actors, that serve to mesmerize the masses. If you really want to be successful, then do/create/own things that maximizes the power of the system by enhancing their ability to manipulate/distract/manage/control.
Now we have Romney saying he wishes he could claim to be a Hispanic. And some people believe he is the great white hope that will save us from the immigrants? It's obvious this guy is disturbingly insincere in so many levels, and once the real Mitt comes out he will make Obama look like Kennedy.
Toggle Commented Jan 31, 2012 on News media out to get Romney at Half Sigma
Sigma, now there is a Jewish commentator saying that Gingrich is antisemitic for bringing up the name of Saul Alinsky as a reference to leftist Jewish influence on Obama. Any thoughts on it being a legitimate observation or just blowing smoke for the pro-Romney camp? [HS: I don't think Newt would be as good a president as Romney, but I see absolutely no indication that Newt dislikes Jews.]
Toggle Commented Jan 29, 2012 on Anti-Semitic Ron Paul at Half Sigma
HS is a HBD guy, but I get the feeling that he immediately goes full on PC-mode when the subject involves Jews. We understand the irrationality of the hatred coming from skinheads and islamists, but sometimes being critical of an entitity or people that happen to be Jewish does not automatically equate it antisemitism. It is like blacks and their accusations of racism, and how many liberal whites are quick to believe them. As in the Duke Lacrosse (false) rape case or hanging a noose. Certain people have taken advantage of that as in false antisemitic attacks that ended up being insurance fraud in NY.
Toggle Commented Jan 28, 2012 on Anti-Semitic Ron Paul at Half Sigma
Romney wants self-deportation for illegals. That alone makes him completely unelectable to many Republicans.
Whiskey seems to pander to a WN-lite audience, but that besides the point. We shouldn't be forced to think like women, that's what has gotten us in this mess in the first place. What is missing from Whiskey's analysis is that the Republican base needs a candidate that can energize them enough to actively support their party, not merely to vote against Obama. It's the "red meat" Republicans who offer the highest potential for victory. These guys are in the midwest and urban areas, they detest liberal ideology but see the GOP as not offering anything much different. Romney is too placid and moderate for them to get excited about. At least with Gingrich he can differentiate himself and actually fight back.
Toggle Commented Jan 24, 2012 on Whiskey on Newt and Fishtown at Half Sigma
Romney might have book smarts or have found a way to buy perfect grades, doesn't hurt when your father is a state governor either. Yet that does not correlate to him being an alpha. Especially when most of his life has been on autopilot since he was born. What Romney did right was avoid the pitfalls of being privileged, instead following on the footsteps on his father.
Toggle Commented Jan 21, 2012 on Debate: more of the same at Half Sigma
Romney is the epitome of a pseudo-alpha. His money and status are not to be considered self made. He was merely born in the right family, had the right connections from his college and the Mormon establishment, and did his business at the right time. It was only a matter of writing checks from daddy's money and riding into boom town. This earned him millions, which he put into investments and stashed the other millions into the Cayman islands. All the variables were in place for him to benefit from without going through anything strenuous as successful and brilliant people do. So of course women will be attracted to the money. What's more all the polls are indicating that Gingrich will win SC, and historically the only Republicans who win the nomination are those who win that state. [HS: He earned his valedictorian at BYU and top 5% at HBS.]
Toggle Commented Jan 21, 2012 on Debate: more of the same at Half Sigma
It's not so much that the media and the democrats want Romney because he is the easiest to defeat. It is also that if for some miracle Romney does win the election, he is the only one among the GOP candidates that the Dems would feel relatively comfortable having in the White House. This tells you that Romney is the most liberal and the most likely to follow on Obama's footsteps. To the Dems Santorum is a joke, but they fear Gingrich and Paul because they are able to rally their constituency and fight them.
Toggle Commented Jan 20, 2012 on Debate: more of the same at Half Sigma
He might not look it, but based on his past Gingrich has more alpha male qualities than Romney.
Toggle Commented Jan 19, 2012 on Perry drops out, endorses Gingrich at Half Sigma
Being honest here, Romney is a soft empty suit and a liberal on several issues. Being successful in business does not necessarily translate to being a good leader or executive in government, as there are many more example of this being a negative rather than a positive. After two consecutive presidential runs he has not given any clear message of what he truly stands for. There is a reason he is called a flip flopper. If the only goal is to beat Obama, then Romney is not the correct candidate for that either. To many he comes off as a sarcastic elitist, and lacks the candor to get to those outside his party. It is the same problem that plagued Gore, Kerry, and Dole in previous elections. The GOP's best chance to beat Obama was in Perry, but fate had it that his missteps were too disastrous for him to be taken seriously and that made him irrelevant. Even with his less than adequate level of intelligence, he shared attributes with Bush, which means that it is easier for independents or the undecided to support him. Kerry was touted as more intelligent and accomplished than Bush, and even with the large wave of liberal anger towards Bush and his policies, he ended up winning a second term. As it's almost certain that Romney will be the nominee, there is really nothing left to do except look forward to four more years of Obama. The only conceivable way Obama will ever get defeated by Romney is if the economy goes to a catastrophic downturn that parallels Greece. But nothing like that will happen in such a short amount of time until the next election.
Toggle Commented Jan 17, 2012 on Newt’s debate performance at Half Sigma
I would be funny if Romney picked Jeb as his VP, he wins the presidency but is almost assassinated a week later. Kind of like what happened with Reagan and Bush Sr. Ron Paul has also been surging in the polls recently. Any thoughts on that?
Toggle Commented Jan 13, 2012 on Romney in the lead in South Carolina at Half Sigma
"A contrarian blog, because the majority is wrong about a lot of stuff." It's interesting that four years ago Romney was expected to win as well, but then we got McCain. Who recently endorsed Mitt.
Although Ron Paul gets some support from college age liberals/libertarians, it seems the majority of the typical liberals really despise him. They bring up the issue of his newsletters for being a racist, homophobe and all around bigot.
Toggle Commented Jan 4, 2012 on OneSTDV and Ron Paul at Half Sigma
You said before that Romney was an alpha, but that is the furthest things from the truth. He is completely beta, as can be observed in his speech, mannerisms, outlook and the way he sells himself. He is only getting by on the perception of being the most normal candidate or default choice of the Republican establishment, basically a placeholder for people who are really actually running things. Romney was the same way when at Bain Capital where he served as a face, but not the muscle or brains of anything. Mitt Romney is a John Edwards who was lucky enough not to be born with an overly feminine face.
The smart Romans simply migrated out of their homelands and went north and west, spreading their genes to Germanic or Celtic group. Leaving the original population to have a higher concentration of low IQ types. This probably happened in the Middle East at first. The phenotype changed, but the genotype that dictated intelligence shifted locality to other points in the world as things in the center areas begin to stagnate.
Let's compare White Nationlists (WN) like those who frequent Stormfront, pro-Israel Neocons, and white-guilt liberals first. What they all share in common is the belief that they are up against a vastly inferior enemy which somehow has an upper hand against them. Be they Jewish bankers and hordes of black criminals, Muslim terrorists and their Twelver/Caliphate leaders, or Tea Party rednecks and the corporate oligarchs. Today's libertarianism is most likely a result of many people shifting away from various old paradigms of 'us vs them'. Having become disillusioned and fed up with the status quo in general, they feel they can see past the smoke and mirrors in the government, media, and society. Those who feel they owe the system for their success have no reason to change it. Not to mention those who control it. Hence why Ron Paul and this kind of practical libertarianism was first ignored, and now being attacked because it will step on a lot of toes and smash a few sacred cows. These Ron Paul supporters have various kinds of views and agendas, some believe in HBD and others don't. Some just want their guns, others just want an end to wars. The threat is when all these disparate elements band together against not only one classic enemy (the left, right, Jews, Islamics and so on) but against all sides. To those who hold the reigns of power by pulling many strings that can be a very dangerous situation.