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The more RAM the better. I would double the RAM I currently have (4 x 4GB modules = 16 GB) if 8GB modules become cheap and affordable. With the advent of 64bit OSes, applications are now beginning to take advantage of RAM. For example, it now takes me less than half the time to edit videos using Adobe Premier Pro and After Effects CS5. I also run multiple VMs: servers and workstation and for this having 16 GB of RAM is nice. I have my development environment on a VM with RAM allocation of 4GB. One reason for this is so I could transfer the dev env from one PC or laptop to the next. Another reason is I don't want to clutter my main PC with development tools such as databases because these and their background services slow down the PC which I also use for video editing and playing games. is now following The Typepad Team
Jan 21, 2011