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I say Draft Best Available at the time of our pick. Weather it be an Offensive guy or a Defensive Guy. Free agency is still an option on Offense too. Deangelo Williams will be out there, Darren Sproles, Jason Snelling, Mercedes Lewis, Hushmendzeda, Randy Moss, Steve Smith, I mean there are quality FA's out there. We can always improve from the No. 7 defense to the No. 1 if we go Defense with the first pick. But IMO and entertainment purposes, I think Ireland will go with Best Available.. I would Hope... Win, Loos, or Tie... Dolphins Till' I Die!!!!
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I don't think we'll draft a QB early I think if we do it will be in the later rounds. We have Todd Bradstater whom we just signed when the season ended and he's 6-5/225lbs. I think we'll probably pick up a veteran. Probably Young or Bulger, a stop gap, and let the competition begin in camp. Although I don't think they'll tip their hand on QB until after the Draft. Like everyone says they may surprise us this year and maybe do it right or throw another curve ball out there. If they draft a QB, we won't bring in a veteran, if we don't, who will be the one they think can win us more than 10 games next year?? WIN, LOOSE, OR TIE... DOLPHINS TILL' I DIE!!!
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Jan 27, 2011