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Well I'm not really sure who Piers Morgan is, but it seems like the two big problems are (A) it looks like he's doing the same show as Larry King (softball questions, guests no one cares about, or is sick of), and (B) most important, he's on CNN, a network that's just about shut down, its ratings are so poor. Why are the ratings so poor? Becuase they are biased to the left, and still don't understand that most people do not live in New York or San Francisco. They are among the hypocrites calling for "civility" while they denegerate, demonize, and personally insult those that have the temerity not to agree with them. They are not quite as sickening as MSNBC (Chris Matthews: "It's time for civility! Let's get rid of the vitrilolic rhetoric!" And then he proceeds to call a UNITED STATES CONGRESSWOMAN A "BUBBLEHEAD."). But they are getting close. Two important points: liberals calling for "civility" means "Stop disagreeing with us." and whatever liberals dictate or yammer about, remember, it DOES NOT APPLY TO THEM. ONLY TO US. After all, if Obamacare is so wonderful, why did Congress EXEMPT ITSELF FROM IT? Still no one has an answer for that one........
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Jan 28, 2011