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"Yes, by God, we will trick you into becoming a better writer if that's what it takes – and it always does." -- Seriously? It was not put into you to guide the entire development community whether we like it or not. I love how people always invoke God when they are justifying a lie. Poor us, just too stupid to see the genius that is Jeff Atwood, so he redirects his entire career in order to build an intricate lie to get us to do what he knows is best for us and we just can't see. Thank you Jeff Atwood for saving us. What would we ever have done without you. I agree that communication is an important skill, one you could learn more about before trying to guide the world. If you have to lie to convince others to follow merits of your ideas then you are in fact failing at the communication you claim to be so important. Nothing is more of a curse to the world than people who have become so full of their own intelligence that they believe they are just in deceiving/forcing others to conform to their "enlightenment".
Toggle Commented Feb 4, 2011 on How to Write Without Writing at Coding Horror
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Feb 4, 2011