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Is this a joke? Secular in tone, not religious? Me thinks Mr. Chapman knows not of what he speaks. Maybe he thinks his readers have not been watching the television coverage of demonstratore shouting "Allah Aakbar". When listing Mr. Obama's supposed choices in reacting publicly to the uprising Mr. Chapman conveniently leaves out the wisest choice, the one most respected Middle East experts have agreed on; do not publicly throw a long time ally under the bus. As has been reported, our allies in the region now see that they can no longer stick their neck out to when needed for fear that Mr. Obama will not support them at the first sign of trouble. This is what back channels are for, not for posturing. Our President's actions in this matter have made us look weak.....he is a Jimmy Carter clone.
Toggle Commented Feb 12, 2011 on Conservatives and Mubarak at Steve Chapman is now following The Typepad Team
Feb 11, 2011