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so this statement sums it up for me on NetN. Was AT&T merely blowing smoke? Not at all: the company was referring to a special rule that was part of their covenant with the federal government. so you think creating a monopoly with the Gov will keep the consumer safe? is this the same Gov that made sure EVERY single phone sold was a Bell? isnt that kinda the monopoly your afraid of and think NetN will solve? is this the same Gov that required right wing radio stations to broadcast left wing programs with the excuse of fairness? is this the same Gov that will not allow UPS & FedEx to transport envelope sized paper because it will trample the established monopoly of the USPS? getting the Gov involved in regulating a worldwide network is a.) technically retarded and impossible b.) asking for lobbyist to basically take over the internet. lobbyist pay congress to get what they want, congress passes bills to reward lobbyist, next thing you know, microsoft controls the internet in the name of Net Neutrality. the internet is the greatest single invention to human beings allowing sharing of knowledge freely. the reason why? the Gov has not had a chance to screw it up with regulations, taxes and politicians.
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Feb 16, 2011