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We have evolved, especially our hands and brains, to escape previous limitations and become an information, tool-evolving malignancy that finds great “temporary” success in eating the ecosystem. As the food runs out and the earth’s homeostatic mechanisms are destroyed or greatly altered, we will recognize the nature of our folly more fully. We spend billions studying the cancers in our own human systems and yet ignore our own deleterious relationship with the ecosystem. We like being cancers, growing and consuming advantageously, it feels good, we've earned it, we're special - until we collapse. Our progress has been rapid and our exponential and metastatic growth has been phenomenal, but our vaunted progress will end as resource scarcity makes the cancer’s clonal variants turn upon and eat each other. It’s already happening. Humans have been directed by evolution into a systematic organization and management for which they are unprepared. It will not last much longer, as it is an uncontrolled, metastasizing cancer. It took us away from the natural vectors of death that formed us and will drop us back into a despoiled environment that we no longer recognize and where hardships will be magnified. Tomorrow CNBC will be beating the drum for the cancerous agents to increase their efforts, more roads, more airports, more biocides, more invading tissues and consuming because that's what a cancer is supposed to do – get rich, at least temporarily. Sea ice is a great indicator and “no” smoking does not cause human cancer and smoking oil and coal does not cause ecosystem cancer. Call me when it's time for the first big morphine injection.
Toggle Commented Feb 10, 2013 on PIOMAS February 2013 at Arctic Sea Ice
Geoengineering may be an option, but a very expensive one. Genetic engineering of flu viruses is much cheaper than trying to geoengineer the planet. Geoengineering will not halt the dynamics of exponential human population growth. As the economy falters and cannot provide enough dopamine to substitute for sex and children, will population actually expand? Perhaps someone could threaten to let viruses ravage human populations and their monoculture crops - unless people get with the program of saving themselves. Unfortunately, the average person is more likely to support expanded consumption of everything, especially the 200,000 people added per day to the human population whose only dopamine craving is for a bowl of food and a comfortable place to sleep at night. Unfortunately, capitalism feeds the desire for the “American” way of life in which roads access every resource deposit to be converted into corpus technologicus that will someday soon be cooked, flooded and poisoned within its own petri dish wastes. While you’re watching the polar bears tread water, you may keep in mind that there are solutions other than geoengineering that could be employed by those that see no other viable option.
I think the universities have done too well at promoting the technological paradigm. The process of creating human resources capable of designing and creating metabolic tools and information for digesting every energy source and resource to our ultimate pleasure and satisfaction has proceeded almost to its logical conclusion. There will be no further need for universities because they have failed to understand their own role in undermining the future of humanity. However, as dissipative structures in their own right, they will continue to struggle for survival, even if it is at the expense of other complex entities in their environment. Eventually, when industrial scale human product is no longer necessary, some universities will remain for the elite and the few exceptional individuals from the lower classes. is now following The Typepad Team
Feb 20, 2011